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Sue Weeding, co founder of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales began writing her informative articles “From the Horses Mouth” here twelve months ago.

The story’s she has told about life at the centre have covered many subjects, not only about the equines in her and husband Rod’s care, but also her own personal battle this year with Lyme disease, a particularly debilitating condition that can have far reaching consequences if not correctly treated.

We thought that after twelve months of contributions to this page we should get an update from Sue regarding the progress and achievements the couple have made since starting the EHCRC five years ago.

Sue and Rod Weeding moved to Rojales thirteen years ago after selling their successful horse livery business in the U.K. Sue in her own right was a successful furniture manufacture and retailer in Suffolk and Norfolk.

They thought they had left behind the seven days a week long hours lifestyle that they had back home. The only connection with horses here was the well stocked tack shop that Sue opened on their premises to service the local horse community.

All this changed dramatically however when one day in 2008 Sue and Rod were made aware of a young horse hidden away in a dark filthy stable at a livery yard they were delivering to. The owner had abandoned him because he was, in his opinion, too wild to do anything with and he was due to be slaughtered that week.

Sue explains” We took this young horse called Luceiro home with us and vowed that he would never suffer again or want for anything. He had an appalling injury to his left eye which had to be removed immediately because it was so bad.

It was at that moment, although of course I never realised it at the time, that I had opened Pandora’s Box.

Word soon got round that we had rescued this beautiful horse and we were then being told by my tack shop customers of horses they were aware of left to die of starvation, being horrendously abused and mistreated in various locations in the vicinity.

We now have sixty four horses, ponies and donkeys in our care.

The emotional highs and lows we have experienced have been astonishing. They may range from the excitement and anticipation when we are called out to a rescue not knowing what we are going to find and who we are going to be dealing with, to the sadness and despair when we lose one of our equines through no fault of our own, usually as a result of the long term effects of their previous mistreatment.

A major positive to have resulted in our operation is the knowledge that both Rod and I have gleaned regarding injuries and illness to equines that would not normally be seen. Our fantastic vet Dorothea has also been able to acquire experience and hands on treatment way beyond what she would normally come across in her day to day business, because of the appalling injuries and condition that some of our rescued equines have.

Rod and I are often asked would it not be easier and kinder to have these more severe cases put to sleep. As long as there is hope and a chance of a pain free recovery for these horses, and after consulting Dorothea our vet and Gasper Castelijns, the world renowned horse surgeon from Barcelona, we will never give up on them.”

Sue continues,” Another major positive since we began is that we are no longer working alone when it comes to helping horses in distress. The increased cooperation that we are receiving from the police, both Guardia Civil Seprona division and the Local Police across the Vega Baja and beyond has been phenomenal. We like to think that our continuous campaigning for better treatment of equines has resulted in these agencies refusing to turn a blind eye to equine abuse. They now have someone they can trust to turn to when they investigate such cases.

Because of our website and Facebook presence we are communicating with like minded rescue centres all over the world, exchanging case history’, treatments and much more. What is shocking though is how widespread the abuse of equines is and the slaughter of these fine creatures is a worldwide phenomenon which necessitates organisations like ours to exist in the first place.

When I say organisations I mean primarily charities.

We at the EHCRC are a fully compliant registered charity. We have seven fantastic charity shops in the area run by ninety amazing volunteers without whom we could not function. The cost of the day to day running of the centre is huge with each equine costing up to 200 euros a month each to look after and feed. Our charity shops are our lifeblood and a vital source of funds and we are so grateful to the general public also who choose to spend their money with us.

We are proud also that as a charity people can come to our popular Sunday afternoon open days and see where the funds are spent.

We are a tangible outfit, very hands on, and we are working very hard with the local authorities here in Rojales and Torrevieja to encourage children, both able and disabled, to visit us on school trips and experience being close to, and around our horses, donkeys and ponies. We are not just a rescue centre anymore, we are an educational centre and we will develop this aspect of our operation much further in the coming months and years. My popular book “Faith – Diary of an Heroic Horse was translated into Spanish for me by Tatiana, Councillor for Education at Rojales Town Hall. Rosario Martinez, Councillor for Education in Torreviejs is now working with us to get Spanish children from the town up here to the centre as part of their education. We will be working closely with ASPE college for disabled children also.

Our centre and charity shops also give many people a purpose in life, a social life, employment, self esteem and great satisfaction in a job well done.

We have the most fantastic help from our volunteers, not only in the shops but here at the centre doing amazing jobs. Mucking out the fields and stables, washing the food buckets, repairing fences, helping out at our open days cooking, making cakes, serving tea, doing our horse tours where we show people round the premises to meet every single on of our equines. We have of course British volunteers but also Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, Moroccan and German to mention a few who are all working to the same result, caring for the residents.

Why do they do it? It is a fun place to be involved with, positive, vibrant, caring and most of the time serene and peaceful.

We buy all our Alfalfa from the local farmers to feed our horses. We give them all the manure we collect to spread on their crops and offer advice if they have any problems of the equine kind.

We have a fantastic Pony Club every Sunday afternoon run by Karen, who speaks Spanish and she teaches children how to look after and treat equines. It is very pleasing to see Spanish parents bringing their children to the club and getting involved with us, another positive.

Sue concludes. “ As you can see we are on a rollercoaster ride that we can’t stop. Would we have done things differently if we had known what we now know? Probably.

Do we have any regrets? Not at all, after all is said and done, we can’t put the lid back on the box now can we!!

Everyone at The Easy Horse Care Centre wishes all their supporters and friends and volunteers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

The EHCRC has charity shops in Rojales, Ciudad Quesada, Los Montesinos, Guardamar, San Luis, La Zenia and a new 300 square metre unit in Torrevieja.

If you need more information about any of these outlets or have items, including furniture to donate please call Sue on 636 062 000

If you want to visit the centre to see the equines and enjoy refreshments and hot and cold food at the centre on Sunday afternoons or buy equipment from the Tack Shop call Sue on 652 021 980 or visit the website on www.easyhorsecare.net. We are also on Facebook – Easy Horse Care.

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