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Bronson, one of the most popular horses at The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) in Rojales is back home after a life saving operation.

Bronson was suddenly taken very ill three weeks ago and rushed to the Centro Policlinico Veterinario Raspeig (Alicante Horse Hospital) by Rod Weeding co founder of the EHCRC in a desperate bid to save his life.

Sue Weeding, Rod’s wife explains the drama that unfolded that morning.

“Rod and I were up most of the night with Bronson in his paddock. We thought he had severe colic, all of the symptoms were there. It is vitally important that a horse with suspected colic is kept on its feet and walked around continuously. It became obvious to us both that Bronson was not improving and we called in Dorothea our fantastic vet who, as always was with us within minutes. Bronson was becoming uncontrollable with pain spasms but with disregard for her own safety, Dorothea administered the appropriate treatment to calm him down and allow our team to get him into the horsebox.

Salvador the vet and his team at the Alicante Horse Hospital were waiting when Rod arrived with Bronson and an emergency operation was performed immediately.

The cause of Bronson’s discomfort soon became apparent. A large enterolite almost 15 centimetres long was extracted from his small colon.

An enterolite is caused when a horse eats something like a piece of plastic or a foreign body which then gets stuck in the intestine.. Bronson must have digested this long before he was rescued back in October 2010. It can take many years for this foreign body to become coated by the digestive system in a hard calcium like substance which builds up over time. This particular enterolite had moved to the end of Bronson’s colon causing a complete blockage.

Rod and I and all the team and volunteers at the EHCRC are indebted to Salvador and his skilled team of surgeons at the Alicante Horse Hospital for saving Bronson’s life and, because we are a fully registered Spanish charity they discounted the final bill as a gesture of their support for what we do. Special thanks also to Kate Jensen, a truly dear friend and supporter for her generous offer of 3000 euros towards the cost of Bronson’s operation and post operation treatment.

Bronson has now had his stitches removed by Dorothea this week and will remain in his stable to recuperate further before being let out into his paddock with his companions Harry Trotter, Sophia and Katy-Rose.”

Bronson was named after Charles Bronson of Street Fighter movie fame because of his fight for survival and will to live after being found at the side of the main road in Almoradi. He is a pure Spanish horse around 15 years old and was discovered lying alongside the road with massive head wounds caused by being attacked with a large metal object losing a large amount of blood. He had escaped his assailant and lost his balance, collapsing terrified while trying to drink some water from the ground.

Rod, Sue and five helpers arrived and struggled to get Bronson up as he was staggering and in great pain and obviously traumatised. Back at the stables and after much examination and care it was discovered that this beautiful horse had appalling injuries to his skull, brain, left eye and inner ear, some of which he has never fully recovered.

But, living up to his name Bronson fought back and with a tremendous will to live recovered from his ordeal. It is this determination and drive which has undoubtedly helped him survive yet another trauma in his short life.

The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre is open every Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 4pm where you can enjoy hot food, tea and snacks in the garden café. Their popular horse tours start at 2pm where you can meet all of the resident equines and hear their stories. If you would like to help and volunteer at the open days please contact the centre on the number below.

The EHCRC has five charity shops and is a fully registered Spanish charity. Their shops are located in Ciudad Quesada, Los Montesinos, La Siesta and for massive furniture bargains, Guardamar and La Zenia. They will come and collect any items free of charge that you wish to donate including furniture, electrical items, clothes and scrap metal for recycling.

Please cal 636 062 000 for more information.

For directions to the centre in Rojales and to make donations or sponsor a horse go to www.easyhorsecare.net.

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