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Nuevas Generaciones

New Generations is the youth section of Partido Popular. We are the link between the proposals, ideas and concerns of young people with politicians.

Who are the members of Nuevas Generaciones?
Any person between 16 and 29 years can join Nuevas Generaciones . Automatically you become also a member of Partido Popular.

How much does it cost?
Being part of Nuevas Generaciones has no cost, it’s free .

What do the members of Nuevas Generaciones?
We usually meet twice a month to discuss ideas and transfer them to party managers. Moreover, we assist the meetings held at the party headquarters. We help the members of Partido Popular in what they need as well.

In every group of Nuevas Generaciones there is a section of foreign residents, economics, social policy, employment, culture, sports, tourism. Depending of your skills and hobbies, you will be able to help in one place or another.

Sometimes we will join acts in other parts of the province, where we will go to a lecture of a mayor, a former politician, etc.. There we will meet with other members of Nuevas Generaciones and we can share ideas and, of course, have a good time together.

Why should I join New Generations ?
At the moment the young people of Rojales and Ciudad Quesada have many unsolved problems, since a long time ago… In Ciudad Quesada, for example, it is difficult to take a bus if you want to go to Rojales or Torrevieja ; or move from Doña Pepa to “la Plaza Blanca” (White Square) during the weekend ,I f you do not have a car……… All these situations are not going to be solved without our efforts.

The more we are the easier it would be to have our voice heard and took into account

I think that could be ok but …. Don’t you think that it could be a little “boring”?

Of course not! We are young, and the main issue is to have fun.

In the future we will eventually organize dinners, going to bowling, clubs, karts ….. you decide ! : D
Furthermore we will donate blood at the Hospital, we will help Elderly people at Retirement homes, organize food donations…

Can I tell a friend to join with me?
Sure! The more the better!!!!!! 😛

Where I can get more info?
You can send an email to this address, or if you prefer, call this number Alex,670 91 61 30 (English and Spanish)

e- mail: rojalesnngg@gmail.com

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