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Political corruption

The release of the Eu Anti-Corruption Report from The Commission To The Council And The European Parliament suggests that the perception of political corruption is far worse a problem than the reality, with Spain seemed as one of the most politically corrupt countries in Europe.

Of the people who responded to the survey, the European average shows that three quarters of those who answered, some 76 %, think that corruption is widespread in their own country. However, in Spain, the figure was an astounding 95%, the same response as Lithuania and the Czech Republic, but even Spain is below Italy with 97% and Greece, leading the way with 99%.

Just over a quarter of Europeans, some 26%, believe that they are affected by the corruption, a drop from 29% in 2011 however. Leading the charts in this category is Greece once again, but this time sharing the top spot with Spain, where 63% say they are directly affected by political corruption. Cyprus and Romania are next in the charts, with 57% in each, followed by Croatia with 55%. On the opposite end of that scale is Denmark, where only 3% of respondents feel affected, followed by France and Germany with 6%.

Some 8% of all Europeans say they have experienced or witnessed a case of corruption in the past 12 months, with Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland the perceived most likely countries to see this, registering 25%, 21% and 16% respectively.

Despite there is an obvious difference in perceived corruption against reality, including those who have actually been affected or witnessed such matters, experts warn that a long road is ahead for politicians to restore confidence in their actions.

Court cases where corrupt politicians flout the judicial system, calls for resignations that are all too frequently ignored, an ever increase in allegations and convictions all damage the reputation of politicians, but the vast majority of the cases making both the courts and the news today are historic ones, it is in the future where the actions of current politicians may or may not be seen as different.

In Spain there are over 1,300 public officials who have or are facing charges of corruption, let alone those currently under investigation but not yet charged.

Perhaps it´s because the people of Spain have more important things to worry about that some of those public servants believe they are above the law. The number one problem for the Spanish population, according to the latest CIS Barometer from November 2013, is unemployment, topping the charts with 77%. Although it does come in second place, corruption only concerns 31.8% of the population, followed by politicians in general, and political parties with 29.7%.

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