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Julio González, president of the La Regia neighbourhood association, cutting the ribbon

The mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén, Councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer , along with councillors Rosa Martínez and Antonio Zapata from the PSOE, Luis Galiano from the Los Verdes and Bob Houliston from CLARO, officially opened the pedestrian footbridge over the N-332 main road at La Regia on Monday.

Both Scheurer in her opening speech, and Guillén, reminded the gathered crowds how the bridge had been asked for by residents since 2009, largely due to the large amount of pedestrians who visit the health centre, commercial and residential zones, but the previous requests had been rejected by the ruling Partido Popular government at the time, despite the possibility of funding from the central government.

Therefore, the decision was eventually made to pay for the bridge in the 2012 municipal budget, with the current government team collectively approving the plans originally requested by the PSOE, approved by the Los Verdes.

With the gathered politicians showing a united front and proving what the coalition can achieve together, Guillén pointed out that the government are still working on development plans to provide bridges in other areas of the municipality, including Playa Flamenca and Punta Prima, to add to the other two bridges shortly to be opened in the coastal zone.

In a surprise move on the day, one local resident was rocketed into the limelight, with Guillén taking the decision to hand over the role of opening the bridge to Julio González, president of the La Regia neighbourhood association, who had been campaigning on behalf of the residents since 2009. Clearly overwhelmed by the task, but beaming with pride as the waiting crowds chanted his name, cheered and applauded, Julio took the scissors and cut the ribbon, officially marking the moment when his efforts had come to reality.

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