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Land Sales from the Costa are paying for the new La Aparedida civic centre

Can you imagine the difference a capital investment of 4 million Euros could give to Orihuela Costa? An investment of this magnitude could see at least two quality services provided for the area.

If Orihuela Costa could gain two facilities that could be used by different parts of the community they would substantially improve the quality of life for many people.

Before the provision of the sports centre people had to travel to Pilar or Torrevieja for any type of sporting activity. As long as there wasn’t a centre councillors could claim that one was not needed. As soon as the sports centre opened Orihuela Costa had its own football team that competes very effectively with teams from other areas, children had somewhere to develop their sporting talents and the whole area gained facilities that are very well used throughout the week.

At long last the youth had at least one place to go and they had the facility to exercise, something that is denied them during their school day as they are educated in the sub standard school buildings without adequate sports accommodation.
The provision of a Casa de Cultura would benefit many parts of the community.

One only has to look at the number and variety of groups that use these centres in other towns. There are many groups for music, dancing, singing and acting that regularly use these buildings in towns like Los Montesinos, San Miguel or Torrevieja. The number of after school youth activities that regularly take place is staggering, with young people taking up a wide range of cultural activities that are very central to Spanish life.

Virtually every tiny village has a musical society and members of these societies play an essential role in all village fiestas and provide the necessary marching bands. A Casa de Cultura offers young people a range of out of school activities that help develop the individual and give people hobbies and interests that last throughout life.

This facility would also be used by other sectors of the community who engage in theatre, dance or choral groups that are often forced to perform outside of Orihuela Costa due to the total lack of facilities on the coast. This building would benefit all sections of the community.

Another much needed resource, especially considering the age distribution of the population is a fully equipped and properly resourced centre for older people. In all other towns and centres of populations these centres are pivotal to the life of retired people. If one stands outside the centre for older people in Los Montesinos you can see a continual stream of coming and goings throughout the day.

All types of interest and groups take place in them with classes for every type of interest plus there are services for people who need extra support due to age and growing infirmities. Normally older people can access a range of services and resources that help to improve their daily lives.

4 million Euros could make a difference and start to provide services that would benefit a cross section of the community. The money was raised from selling land earmarked for the residents of Orihuela Costa and consequently it should all be spent on Orihuela Costa. Now at last there is some money for investment and the place that investment is most needed is Orihuela Costa.

Don’t let the councillors spend money from Orihuela Costa on anywhere other than Orihuela Costa. We have a right to expect services equal to other towns and villages.

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