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As part of the agreement with local promotion company Marcos y Bañuls, responsible for much of the development around La Zenia, the company would pay certain amounts of money for improving the surrounding area. This week, the local government board has announced that a figure of 140,363.57 euro of investment has been approved within this contract, which will be invested on improvements on the Orihuela Costa. Specifically, the money will be spent on improving the paseo maritime in the Punta Prima area, renewing the 2,300 square metres of paving, and building a structure to offer shade at the mirador which overlooks the beach. At the same time, the town hall will be looking at trying to improve the car park in the same location. So as to minimise disruption, the work will be conducted in stages along the promenade.

The head of the local CLARO political group, Bob Houliston, is heading to Brussels once again, this time accompanied by the Mayor of the municipality, Monseratte Guillén, having been granted an audience with the EU to explain and seek further support for the continual defence of the environmentally rich area of the Orihuela Costa known as Cala Mosca. The “last green area” on the Orihuela Costa, as it is described by Houliston, is home to a number of endangered species and must be protected from the development where houses would be built and thus destroy the area. It is hoped that plans to build on the site could be blocked completely, thus protecting the area for future generations.

A contract to remove some 50 palm trees infested with the Red Palm Weevil has now been arranged, after delays in which the Valencia based initiative failed to remove them due to lack of funding from the Generalitat. Many of these trees were also in locations which blocked the passage of pedestrians on footpaths, in particular along calle Panticosa, and these trees will be removed and the paving area replaced to allow easier access. The contract, arranged through the environmental department of the town hall, will cost 7,700 euro.

The tourism department of Orihuela is planning to install an information booth at Playa Flamenca for the summer months, in order to provide an outlet for information to the many visitors to the coast and promote the varied and diverse activities offered by the municipality.

The company contracted to provide water to the municipality are installing a state of the art queuing system in the town hall, which will allow them to closely monitor every aspect of why people visit their office, in order to improve the quality of service in the future.

Cleaning and renewal work has been carried out at the Pinada de Campoamor over the past few weeks, with a brigade of local unemployed workers being recruited into a temporary training and apprenticeship scheme, whereas they receive practical training for work based skills, as well as two days per week in the classroom. The workers, who have been employed by the employment department of the town hall, have been given six months of work on the scheme, where they have been carrying out extensive cleaning and clearing work, as well as constructing furniture, such as picnic benches, which are installed at the location.

A number of residents of La Zenia have raised concerns regarding the condition of climbing frames on the beach. The foundations of the structures have become exposed, and one concerned resident spoke to The Leader to say, “The concrete is fully exposed and it´s only a matter of time before a child falls off and hits its head, and would be killed”. The councillor for the coast, Martina Scheurer, has pointed out that annual renovation and painting is being carried out on the structures, and once finished, the sandy covering will be replaced over the foundations, in preparation for the holiday season.

The guided walking tour of the Orihuela Costa proved a success on Sunday, with buses arranged from the city to the coast to allow interior residents the opportunity to visit the unique and environmentally rich coastal zone, and partake in a guided 9 kilometre walk in the last of this series of events arranged by the tourism department. Given the huge success and popularity of the guided tours, which have taken visitors to cultural, historic and industrial heritage sites, it is expected that a new series will be launched soon. Some 500 people have taken part in the series of walks, resulting in some people having to join a waiting list for future events. In addition to these special events, another 3,000 people, in 75 groups, have joined in the daily guided walks arranged through the city of Orihuela.

Orihuela has rocked this week, to the sound of music created from everyday items. Around 1,400 local students were set to attend a unique event, as well as a performance day opened to the public, when 25 students from Murcia created their unique sound from trash cans, basketballs, weights, chains, satellite dishes, typewriters, tubes, brushes, bottles, computer monitors and even their own bodies, as members of the Percusive group.

A musical quintet has been touring the surrounding villages of Orihuela, arranged by the cultural department, and as part of that schedule the group will be performing on the Orihuela Costa on the 5th of April, at the ecclesiastical centre. In addition, the sports department has now confirmed that the triathlon will return to the Orihuela Costa, taking part on the beaches and roads of the coast on the 18th of April.

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