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The councillor for transport in the municipality of Elche, Justino Delgado, has confirmed that a barrier will be placed over the access road into Alicante-Elche airport, to help prevent unlicensed, pirate taxis and those from outside the area, from accessing the location.

The barrier system will automatically collect number plate information of all vehicles entering, collecting the data into a system that will monitor the frequency of visits and take appropriate action. Licensed taxis from outside the area will face restrictions as to the number of times they visit, as well as taking legal action against unlicensed taxis, or private vehicles which frequent the area more than would be considered normal.

Currently, the taxi drivers and authorities are aware of around 40 taxis from outside Elche who make around 6 trips per day. In addition, they are also aware of 80 private vehicles known to be frequently picking up or dropping off different passengers on a regular basis. The officially licensed taxis of Elche can only ever manage up to 4 trips per day, which is seen as a gross injustice considering the time, training and expense they have to go through to secure their legal and insured operation.

As the barrier system monitors access, it will automatically keep a tally of vehicle movements, and will automatically shut down and block access to offending vehicles known to have been too frequent a visitor.

In addition to the barrier system, Delgado has stated that the local police will intensify checks, both at the airport and the surrounding area, and have been given the task of monitoring pirate and outsider vehicles “as a priority”.

The barrier will be installed at the airport in the coming months.

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