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Eduardo Dolón, mayor of Torrevieja, appeared in an interview for a National Spanish newspaper this week, examining the situation in the town and its fundamental role in the economy of the province.

Eduardo Dolón is brimming with youth and excitement when speaking about his beloved Torrevieja, and its future as one of the most delightful places in the Province of Alicante. It is clear that, in spite of the economic situation, his renewed government team is working hard day after day for the people. The citizens of Torrevieja know that Eduardo Dolón isn’t in politics for self-enrichment, but for putting forward new and exciting ideas.

-What is the actual political situation in Torrevieja?

-I believe that the situation in Torrevieja is stable, as the last election results show. We came through very strongly in the voting, and because of that tremendous support, our responsibilities are even greater. The citizens who have voted for us have made it very clear. Unfortunately, the opposition parties attack us without mentioning the many problems we face. Angel Saez (PSOE) and Domingo Soler (APTCE) already believe that they are both Lord Mayors, but conveniently ignoring the problems we face. The Partido Popular in Torrevieja are very strong and united, even more so with its renewed team in the Town Hall. We are here working day after day for the citizens of Torrevieja.

-After 20 years as Lord Mayor, is the shadow of Pedro Hernandez Mateo still covering the Town Hall?

-No, in spite of what many people think the ex-Lord Mayor doesn’t continue to rule in our Town Hall. To him we owe the transformation of Torrevieja into a city in only a few years. We are free in our work and are not influenced by him, or by anyone else.

-What is your profile on taking office as a politician?

-I understand politics more as public service, not as a tool for personal gain. I am in favour of holding political dialogue, negotiating, and reaching common agreement. I have always tried to include everyone, and that will never change. In my position as Mayor, I shall try in every way possible to listen to the citizens all the time. I move forward through my dream. The day that I no longer have that dream I shall resign my position without doubt. I am clear that one is in politics temporally. But the time that one is governing must be exemplary. Already our citizens are tired of bad politicians.

-What are your objectives from now until the end of your period of legislature?

-I would be happy to finish my 4 years as Lord Mayor by carrying out such basic things as the creation of jobs, generation of investments, and defending the social conditions of the people. In order to achieve these ends we must exploit the tourist potential of Torrevieja and carry out other important projects to improve the comforts of the city.

-Which projects do you mean?

-We are fighting to bring a train connection to Torrevieja. We don’t understand how we used to have a train here and now we don’t have one. For that aim, we are working in order to establish a viable plan with the Ministry of Public works, because Torrevieja has an obligation to be connected by rail with the rest of the world. From every angle, we are studying the possibility of introducing a shuttle service of buses to connect with train (AVE) at Villena. We believe that we are doing the necessary spadework, and our relationship with Central Government is very cordial.

-What attractions does Torrevieja have?

-Torrevieja is a very distinctive city, constantly growing. We are much more than sun and sand. We are now pursuing a very different strategy with regard to tourism. The important thing is not that tourists come, but that they return. We have possibilities like tourism Sport, culture and gastronomy, Tourism health or the Torrevieja Nautical Experience, related to aquatic activities. This last pack was the most acclaimed in the last edition of FITUR (Tourism fair), in which moreover we presented the video “Torrevieja, a paradise at your fingertips”

-How is the census of inhabitants of Torrevieja?

-Actually, we are near to 108.000 inhabitants. Curiously, we can already say that there are more people here that were born in UK than were born in Torrevieja. In the census there are people from every country, but apart, the largest numbers are from UK, Russia, Germany, and France and from the Scandinavian Countries like Sweden or Norway.

-What signifies the TV Program “UN, DOS, TRES” for the image of the city?

-It used to benefit our city greatly, but nowadays there is nothing remaining from the program. There remains the salt and the Habaneras which are known throughout the world. Precisely, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Habaneras and Polyphonies contest, and this will be celebrated with a concert at the European Parliament in Brussels.

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