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Councillor Dña. Agustina Esteve Huertas and the Chief of Police

The Torrevieja Councillor for Police, Agustina Esteve, has appealed to members of the public to complain if they consider that local police officers are found to be over zealous in the performance of their duties.

She says that there have been a number of incidents of late leading to conflict between the police hosteliers and restaurateurs, many of whom feel that some officers are abusing their powers as a result of dissatisfaction with their current terms and conditions, resulting in many of them ‘working to rule’.

There is a small group of agents which is strictly applying sanctions and penalties without attempting any form of arbitration, following the "imposition" of 2014 working hours by the mayor, Eduardo Dolon, which they deem to be unfair.

The police have introduced a campaign with which they strictly monitor all city ordinances many of which have intensified with the passage of time. The government team say that they simply cannot act to ensure that fines were in line with the legislation, so the councillor has taken the step of asking the public to make their complaints as she is determined to launch an internal investigation.

It seems that the initiative of some police agents has also affected many of the ruling PP councilors, who have been fined for parking illegally. Some of the parking tickets have actually contained written messages from the policemen carrying out the sanction such as "by order of the mayor."

According to Esteve the situation is generating "an enormous amount of unrest among citizens, service companies, hosteliers and restaurateurs, as a result of the actions of a few overzealous agents who are failing to use any form of common-sense to resolve conflicts or situations.”

She says that anyone who feels as though they have been treated unfairly by the police should ‘submit’ a relevant complaint, to her at the City Council or through the municipal website.

The councillor has said that neither she nor the city council will bend to the wishes of a small number of police who will not discuss matters around the negotiating table, despite the wishes of the vast majority of officers who want to resolve the current dispute peacefully.

She said that “The Police must remember they are deployed to serve the citizens of Torrevieja, and not, as it is now the situation, that citizens are being used as pawns as part of their attempts to press for better economic and labour conditions than those currently enjoyed by other municipal workers.”

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