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The move will affect over 10,000 Spaniards in receipt of unemployment benefit in Germany

There are currently 10,000 Spaniards claiming benefits in Germany, and with the country about to follow in the footsteps of near neighbours Switzerland and Belgium, in announcing new legislation that will limit the numbers of EU migrants, they will almost certainly face expulsion.

Last year, according to recent reports in El Mundo newspaper, Belgium expelled 291 Spaniards who were claiming unemployment benefits. After Bulgarians and Romanians, this would make them the third largest group of EU Migrants sent home. In total the group numbered over 2750 people all of whom were labeled as an “excessive burden on the country’s social security system”.

Germany has been looking at the procedure, and the legislation surrounding it, in some detail and for some time, and it would now seem that similar rules are to be implemented by the country with Europe’s strongest economy, where the Chancellor Angela Merkel has already announced that EU job migrants who haven’t signed a job contract after six months in the country will also be given their marching orders.

This will mean that over 10,000 Spaniards in receipt of unemployment benefit in Germany, a number that has risen by almost 50% in the last three years, now face being stripped of their ability to operate freely within the country.

At the end of 2013, 59,241 Spanish nationals in Germany had a job while 6,592 didn’t and of the number who were working there was approximately 7,027 who were not paying contributions.

Currently, the situation for those EU Nationals in Belgium who are claiming long term unemployment benefit is that, rather than being sent back to their countries of origin, they are stripped of all benefits including education and health and neither are they allowed to sign a rental agreement.

EU law allows the implementation of such procedures because it already states that citizens from one member country can’t live in another for more than 3 months unless they are studying, are in employment or have sufficient funds and means so as to ensure that they are not a burden to that country.

Rather belatedly the UK would also seem to be looking at similar legislation beginning with people who are found to be begging or sleeping rough who are threatened with deportation.

The UK Prime Minister said that immigration would be curbed at 75,000 annually and that EU Migrants must be able to prove that they earn a minimum wage of 150 pounds a week or a job ‘with prospects’ if they are to be able to claim social subsidies.

In 2013 there were over 50,000 Spanish workers registered with Britain’s Social Security system, an annual rise of over 36 percent and more than from any other country except Poland.

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