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Madrid Zoo has welcomed two new additions to its family in a matter of days, with the birth of two baby giraffes born five days apart.

The mother, Mica, gave birth at the weekend to the second baby, with the first mum, Tatú, and first baby present to witness the birth of the Rothschild giraffe, similar in spacing to births by the two mums in 2012.

In just one hour of birth, Mica was able to encourage the newborn into her new world, a female of about 60 kilos in weight.

In 2012, both Tatú and Mica gave each other support during the labour and birthing process, prompting the zoo staff to repeat their companionship during this birth.

During this first month, the infant are only fed breast milk and begin a gradual introduction of vegetables and leaves.

This new birth extends the Madrid giraffe family to six members, and is part of the European Breeding Programme and Conservation of the species (EEP). A number of zoos have received bad publicity recently for needlessly killing animals in their care, including the zoo at Copenhagen which killed a giraffe and fed it to the lions, later to kill four lions to make way for a new male, and Longleat Safari Park in the UK which killed a family of six lions, due to an increase in pregnancies.

The Rothschild giraffe is one of six extant subspecies of this large land mammal native Africa. During these early days, the public can visit the pups inside their maternity ward, where they will remain with their mothers resting and preparing to join the rest of the group. Their first visit outdoors is expected to be in the first week in May.

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