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As Spain prepares to join many other nations in celebrating the day of the worker on Thursday, the national holiday on a Thursday, which also coincides with the Día de Madrid celebrations on Friday, mean an extended weekend break for many and a particularly busy time on the roads.

To make matters even more complex, the province of Cádiz is also a particularly popular destination this weekend, as the Jerez Motorcycle Grand Prix is being held between the 2nd and the 4th of May.

From 15:00 on Wednesday the 30th of April, until 24:00 on Sunday the 4th of May, the DGT traffic department will be operating under special traffic management conditions, in order to regulate the flow of traffic and ensure as little disruption as possible.

However, with an anticipated 5.5 million long distance journeys on the roads of the country, mostly as tourists head to the coast, it will be no easy task to keep the traffic moving and road users safe. Some 2,835,000 of the vehicle movements will be concentrated in the Valencia region.

Because this holiday is a relatively short one, compared to that of Easter or summer, the traffic flow in both directions is expected to be amplified throughout the entire period, rather than a concentration of movements towards the coast at the beginning and back inland at the end. However, some areas which will be of particular interest are roads within Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia.

On Thursday, the 1st of May, an amplification of shorter trips will be expected, including areas of touristic interest, such as mountainous resorts, cities, leisure areas and, of course, the beach, all returning to their location of holiday in the afternoon.

On Friday the 2nd of May, this same traffic complication will mix with a large portion of normal road users, as the day is a normal day for most, apart from those choosing to take the “bridging” day to extend the weekend holiday. Then, as the afternoon and evening progresses, the usual weekend traffic will also join those already on holiday, and those still working.

Saturday the 3rd of May is expected to be relatively quiet in the morning, apart from the usual localised flow, but urban roads are expected to be very busy in the afternoon.

Finally, on Sunday, the majority of those who have enjoyed the coastal areas are expected to return home, with a major concentration expected into the afternoon and evening, as many choose to make the most of their time away and leave as late as possible.

In order to cope with the flow of traffic, most major road works have been cancelled, the movement of heavy and dangerous goods will face restrictions, and the traffic police and management teams will be out in force.

By using cones and time rehearsed plans, the DGT is capable of creating an additional 400 kilometres of roadway for the most congested parts of the country, and alternative routes will be provided by the use of signs and live traffic planning on their website and mobile applications.

As for the staff behind ensuring the weekend goes with as little impact as possible, there will be 600 technical staff on hand to monitor and control the road network, as well as 10,000 Guardia Civil traffic officers, plus 13,000 road workers on hand keeping the roads clear.

The Guardia Civil will be actively trying to enforce the law during the period, in order to try to keep everybody safe, with an increase in the number of alcohol and speed checks, as well as a focus on seatbelts and the use of child restraints.

In order to reduce the problems for your own journey, the DGT recommend planning your journey in advance, paying as much attention to avoiding the busiest times as listed where possible. Whilst driving, keep calm, take regular breaks and always adhere to the law. Finally, the DGT also advise responsible and prudent driving on the road, “because we can all do our part”.

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