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Residents take to the streets

A mass demonstration was held in Urbanisation Montecid in Monforte del Cid, Alicante, on Saturday 31st May 2014, to protest about the appalling lack of service received in the past 8 years from the local council.

The meeting was extremely well attended by over 100 residents, complete with banners, fireworks, whistles and loudspeakers and representatives from other political parties. However the ruling PP Mayoress did not attend, nor did she send any representation.

The demonstration was after 8 years of frustration with Monforte Del Cid Council who have left Montecid unattended and forgotten. MASA have not built there for over 4 years and the residents of Montecid are left with unfinished houses, rubble, decay, neglect and complete lack of services. They are only remembered when the press publishes an article of protest from residents or during election periods.

The residents of Montecid (individual neighbours, presidents of the different Community of Owners, and the Montecid Neighbourhood Association) have already exhausted all avenues of communication with the council, and the Council still fails to comply with its legal obligations to the residents. They all pay their IBI and for basuras as well as licences for swimming pools, terrace glazing, garden works etc, but maintenance services from Monforte Del Cid Council are barely visible.

Currently they only have rubbish collection, waste disposal and street lighting. The street cleaning service barely exists, the Council owned areas are overgrown with weeds and debris causing fire and health risks, there is no maintenance of the sewers, no replacement of the damaged or burned rubbish bins, the maintenance of green areas is almost nil and with barely any lighting, the play area for children is inadequate and dangerous, including wood chips mixed with bark, and these are just some of the problems the residents have had to put up with.

In addition, the original entrance road into Montecid has been closed by the Town Hall and a new access road (built with money from MASA that was supposed to be used to rectify internal road and structural problems). It has been built but is not yet legal as the Fomento in Madrid will not authorise it due to being inadequately constructed as whenever there is heavy rain it floods.

But the Mayoress has done nothing to rectify this and call back the workmen, she just uses it as yet another excuse not to reception Montecid. Also this new road has health and safety concerns due to the length of time it now takes to access the site from the A31 (police, ambulance, fire brigade etc) which has also forced everyone to extra mileage when leaving/entering the site.

According to a press release issued by the City Council on July 30th 2013, printed in a Spanish newspaper, the Council would assume maintenance and conclude the pending works in Montecid, but as of today there is still no change.

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