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As the final stage of documentary and contractual phases were completed this week, with both guarantees and a payment plan agreed to clear any outstanding funds, the award for the provision of beach bars on the Orihuela Costa has been completed, with the chiringuitos set to start appearing this week.
Meanwhile, the councillor for the coast, Martina Scheurer of the Los Verdes green party in Orihuela, has once again been forced to defend the process and clear up a lot of confusion and misdirection which has been spread on account of the delays in the award.
Although Scheurer accepts that the process took a lot longer than she herself might have hoped, and expressed her upset at that fact, the conclusion is now a positive one for the residents and visitors of the municipality, as the company who have received the award is Chiringuitos del Sol S.L., who have been successfully running the bars for some time, and have all the necessary quality standards in place to ensure the best possible service is delivered to the customers.
The quality standards has been one of the main criticisms of the contract process, but Scheurer points out, “A part from the ‘Q’, the tender conditions did also require the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001”, which is an element many have chosen to ignore, especially given the fact that none of the other bidding companies had those standards. “So even if the ‘Q’ would not have been a part of the conditions, those 3 companies would not have been able to participate”. In Spain 59.854 companies have the ISO 9001 and 267.457 companies in 158 Countries have the ISO 14001. Spain is on rank 3 of those 158 Countries.
Regarding the allegations that the company awarded the contract had a debt with the town hall, Scheurer points out that “At that time I was absolutely NOT aware of the fact that the town hall should have claimed to Chiringuitos del Sol the amount of the fee issued by the Ministry of Coast. In fact the outstanding amount which is now claimed to them is due to the inactivity of the town hall since the beginning of the contract back in 2006. It is outstanding and only converts into a DEBT when it is officially requested and when the legal period of voluntary payment has expired”, “Clearly nobody before claimed this coastal fee, including Mr. Mancebo who was councillor of Orihuela Costa”.
It was the current government who are the first to request this outstanding coastal fee, when the contract department were to make an official request to Chiringuitos del Sol, “As this did not happen, the “famous” letter signed by Monserrate Guillen and myself was send to Chiringuitos del Sol in October 2013”.
The full statement is available on the website, www.theleader.info, but to conclude, Scheurer says, “If anyone thinks that a conspiracy has taken place… he should do whatever he thinks is necessary. Everything has been done legally, and so confirmed by the head technician of the contract department, the general secretary as well as of the new Interventor (Auditor), who is known all over Spain for his strict acting against any kind of corruption.”

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