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 Image: The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in the port of Valencia.

The mayor of Valencia, Rita Barbera, said that whilst she will oppose any the exploration for oil just off the Valencian coast she said that "there is no reason to refuse the activity providing it is carried out in the area between the Gulf of Valencia and the Balearic Islands.

Barbera gave her reply when she was asked about the presence of the boat Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior in the port of Valencia and their protest against the start of oil exploration in the Mediterranean.

The mayor said that during the Socialist government of Zapatero she met with a company which was seeking permission to prospect in four or five sites of the Mediterranean, one of them just "three or four miles from the Beach of El Saler”.

At that time permission was not granted because ministers felt that it would cause a serious deterioration in the stability of the seabed because one of the forms of extraction would involve ‘fracking’.

In the end the company withdrew it’s application as they understood the effect that their drilling might cause on the much needed tourist industry, she said.

"But now” the mayor said, “more toward the Gulf of Valencia and the Balearic Islands – I think there is no reason to refuse the requests so that we might confirm one way or the other if there is another kind of wealth to be had locally. However if there was any threat to our shores, I would still oppose it now as I did then, "she added.

Meanwhile in the Port of Valencia Greenpeace has launched their campaign against oil exploration in the Mediterranean. According to informed sources, the crew of the Greenpeace flagship has warned of the dangers posed by oil projects which are to be carried out in waters off the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Alboran Sea and the Gulf of Valencia.

Until 15 June, The Rainbow Warrior will call at the ports of Valencia, Ibiza and Mallorca to publicise the fact that oil "is not necessary to ensure the world’s power supply and that a one hundred percent sustainable and renewable source is already available."

Greenpeace volunteers will also conduct an information campaign on the state of the oceans and their fish stocks, as well as measures to be taken to protect Marine life.

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