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On Thursday morning, hundreds of our more senior members of society from across Orihuela gathered at Playa Flamenca, to take part in an event to kick start the summer, under the title of Gerontogimnasia.

With teams representing the pedanías of the municipality, members from La Murada, Virgen del Camino, Rincón de Bonanza, La Aparecida, Molins, Camino Enmedio, El Arenal, Los Desemparados, Hurchillo, San Bartolome, and of course, the Orihuela Costa, all came together as one, as a group totalling some 330 people were welcomed by the Councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, and the Councillor for Sports, Luis Galiano, both from the Los Verdes green party of Orihuela, to take part in this incredibly visual and heart-warming, and heart-exercising event.

As the music started, it was clear to see the effort the attendees had been making all year in order to mark the season, as each group had individually trained for a choreographed routine which would bring them together on the day, assembled and supervised by the instructors from the town hall, whose vibrant presentation had clearly rubbed off onto the attendees, as they all took part in their coloured and geographically branded tops, proud of who they were representing, with a real feeling of belonging and being part of the wider community of the municipality, with roots in each of their own individual home towns.

In fact, the municipality of Orihuela is spread over such a large area, events like this are sometimes the only opportunity for inland residents to visit the coast. With buses carrying them to Play Flamenca, from places some considerable distance away, through the winding country roads.

Their light group dance and exercise routines were not only a delight to the eye, they were also part of a wider plan to encourage healthier living and exercise, something we can all do with a little reminder of from time to time, perhaps. In fact, as a token gesture for their efforts, the visitors were all given a bag of oranges, one of the healthiest foodstuffs we have, and grown right here on our doorstep.

In fact, health, sports and the Orihuela Costa go somewhat hand in hand, with the Centro Deportivo Municipal Orihuela Costa being a first class health and fitness centre, which will this year be offering a Summer School for children through July and August, as well as their usual range of events for adults and children, such as tennis, pádel, football, swimming and aqua activities, and a range of fitness and multi-sports disciplines.

The beaches themselves play host to a range of sporting activities too, from major events such as the recent triathlon, international cycle races, running and walking competitions, and we mustn´t forget such events as beach volleyball in the summer.

In fact, this year, the Orihuela Costa will also be offering yet another new and exciting activity in July and August, as the coastal councillor, Martina Scheurer, explained, “This year we are going to offer guided snorkel tours of the Orihuela Costa”.

This event is being funded by the Coastal Department of the town hall and will be free of charge to those wishing to participate. Each group will be a maximum of 20 people, who will be split into two groups of 10. Whilst one group is being told about the unique marine environment of the coastline, the other group will be diving to witness it first hand, accompanied by a professional and qualified guide.

One under water, the guide will use a range of signs to point out many of the features on the tour, some which are unique to the Orihuela Costa, offering a perhaps never before seen insight into the beauty beneath our feet that we may not even realise.

More details will be available very shortly, but with each tour lasting some 3 hours, it is expected to be very popular, so registration will be essential through the town hall.

For those not into the more energetic side, the Orihuela Costa will still have plenty on offer for you in the summer. Most of these details are still being confirmed, but we already know that a Fisherman´s Market has been arranged for the end of July. Much like the Medieval Market, the participants dress as fisherman or pirates, and the goods from the stalls take on a nautical theme. There will also be an arts and craft market in September, offering a wide range of hand-crafted goods.

The tourism department are in the final stages of planning a two day Flamenco event for the Orihuela Costa in July, which will not only see the coast transformed into an area of colour, music and dance, the department has also promised that it will involve some “very famous” performers from the Flamenco world, which themselves have an international following, thus once again highlighting the diversity that the Orihuela Costa has to offer, bringing tourism and wealth to the area, and providing a range of events for everyone to enjoy.

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