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The life guard services on the Orihuela Costa began on Saturday, a week later tan was hoped, but with that week delay now being added to the end of the summer season. In addition, the company who were awarded the contract, as part of their additional offers, are to provide a further 10 days longer than contracted. Therefore, the lifeguards will now be present on the beaches until the end of September, during a time when many a concern had been raised in the past over the normal withdrawal of service. Furthermore, the company will also provide an additional 2 hours cover per day, beyond what the contract required, providing even more cover throughout the summer season. The company will also provide an additional amphibious chair and work closely with the beach services company to ensure accessibility on those beaches where it is possible, is maintained to the highest level.

The beaches of Orihuela will gain the support of an additional 10 local police officers for July and August, some of whom will fulfil their patrol duties on bicycles, as in previous years, allowing them easier access to some of the more difficult locations to drive, such as the beaches and promenades.

As Orihuela moves into the digital age, with many of the traditional paper-based functions moving to computer, there has been a noticeable delay at the point of registration, as documents presented to the town hall need to be scanned. In order to try to alleviate the delay, the registry has been boosted with an additional member of staff, who will also be able to cover breaks and holidays in the future, a facility not previously available, thus improving the documentation process. At the same time, the modernisation department are investigating the possibility of hiring additional internet connections, to allow for faster upload and download speeds via an asymmetric line.

Around 40 labourers employed through a scheme developed by the department of employment, began work on the Orihuela Costa on Friday. These previously unemployed people of the municipality have been given the opportunity for work through the scheme, and were sent to the coast as a priority. Their first tasks involved clearing as many weeds from the streets as possible, which would then allow for chemical treatment to take place, and they would then move onto clearing and cleaning some of the parks and gardens which are not covered by the contract of work currently in place. Martina Scheurer, the councillor for the coast, previously praised her Los Verdes green party colleague in the employment department, Manuel Gallúd, for giving priority to the Orihuela Costa.

A new contract for extra workers to cover the waste disposal network has been approved, which means that the town hall is now able to employ people to cover breaks and holidays, thus ensuring no reduction in service, as well as deal with some of the delays in collections that one or two locations have suffered recently.

The principle German speaking residents association of the Orihuela Costa are reaching out to other community and neighbourhood associations, looking to them to join in a campaign they wish to launch to try to get a fully equipped fire service on the Orihuela Costa. At the moment, beyond the “first response” service provided by the Protección Civil, the closest fire stations are Torrevieja, Almoradí and Alicante, where the main equipment in centralised. At this time, they are only looking to gain support from recognised groups, which will enable them to coordinate a campaign for the maximum impact. Individuals who are keen to support the cause should encourage any groups they are members of to get involved. Initial information can be obtained from the International Residents Office of the Playa Flamenca town hall.

Residents of Cabo Roig are facing temporary disruption as work has commenced to repair the antiquated water drainage system in the area. Although most major work such as this is normally suspended until after the busy summer season, as this work relates to water drainage it can only be carried out during the “dry season”, when flooding and water flow is least likely to happen. Once complete, the work should prepare the area for the next rainy season in autumn, and hopefully ease the risk of flooding that many of the residents have had to cope with for decades as the area grew beyond the capabilities of the drainage system.

The Councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, has spoken of how Orihuela Costa is continuing to grow. The announcement at the start of June of 167 new homes to be built, plus the announcement this week of another 22, all mean that the work will bring jobs to the area, as well as shows how Orihuela is one of the first locations to be growing out of the austere times suffered in recent years. Explaining how the work shows that “the economy is picking up again, and it is refreshing that “developers are once again willing to invest in the Orihuela Costa”, is testament to that growth. Meanwhile, as one or two residents have complained about the appearance of trucks carrying building supplies in the area, they are reminded that this is just temporary, as once the building is complete, the neighbourhoods will be growing with more people, services and residents, and more people hopefully signing onto the padrón, brining more money from the central government to the local services.

As Orihulea is now in possession of the three different accreditation flags for the beaches, the Blue Flag, “Q” and Qualitur, the annual flag raising ceremony will be held on Friday the 27th of June.

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