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The San Miguel Ayuntamiento

San Miguel de Salinas conduct a survey to measure the performance of the Municipal Administration

With the forthcoming local elections on the horizon, May 2015, The Neighbours Association ‘San Miguel Arcángel’ has conducted a survey amongst residents of the municipality to assess their individual perceptions of the performance of the town’s administration.

The Project, undertaken during the month of May in Spanish, English and German, asked 13 questions covering the range of public services and asking for a good, acceptable or poor evaluation.

Most respondents measured the health service and rubbish waste collection to be good whilst at the other end of the scale municipal transparency, privatization of drinking water and neighbourhood participation in public affairs were overwhelming judged as poor by 9 out of 10 residents.

Other questions, including the town hall’s performance in relation to the economy, creating jobs and assisting new businesses, planning and building licences, street cleanliness, maintenance and lighting, all found themselves in the middle ground.

Social issues like education, sport and cultural promotion, together with social care and assistance for the disadvantaged and disabled were generally perceived to be lacking.

Interestingly the survey provided marginally different returns from Spanish and foreign residents, a recurring fact due to the many foreign residents that reside in outlying urbanisations. There remains the feeling that the village and those urbanizations often receive different levels of service.

The basis for the survey by The Neighbours Association ‘San Miguel Arcángel’ was not to criticise the current PP Administration. It was undertaken to give any would be politician or political party the residents’ views on where services can be improved. Detailed statistics will be passed to all San Miguel’s councillors and political parties.

David Hardy, on behalf of The Board of Directors

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