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The total of oranges siezed in the two crimes totals more than 300,000 kilos

Officers of the Guardia Civil have arrested seven people for the theft of over 300,000 kilos of oranges just north of Alicante in Ribera Baixa and Valldigna.

A further 7 individuals were released pending further investigations.

Detainees and defendants were changed with the falsification of a large number of documents needed to carry out the sale of oranges, which included more than 300,000 kilos that had been obtained illegally.

The arresting Officers belong to a detachment of Guardia who focus on agriculture, preventing the theft and illegal trade of farm products and related commodities

Since late March, the officers have been investigating the falsification of documents which have regularly been found accompanying sales of farm products of illegal origin. Between 9 and 16 June, they were able to determine the alleged involvement of 13 people, eleven men and two women, aged 18 to 56 years, of Algerian, Belorussian, Spanish and Ecuadorian nationality.

Among those arrested was the alleged perpetrator of a crime of forgery, who owns a Ribera Baixa company which buys and sells citrus products. He was charged with falsifying invoices, so that the amount of oranges billed was significantly increased above those delivered

The remaining defendants were engaged at different levels of the fraud most with the theft of oranges in different localities, their transportation and sale.

In Gandia, a similar fraud saw the arrest of three co-owners and an employee of a company who also purchase and sell agricultural products, in the region of Valldigna.

They have been charged with the crimes of forgery and receiving stolen goods, while another four arrested were said to be responsible for the alleged theft of Benairjó oranges.

The total of oranges siezed in the two crimes totals more than 300,000 kilos. Meanwhile the proceedings are now being dealt with by the Court of Instruction No. 4 in Sueca and the Court of Gandia while further Investigations are still ongoing.

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