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In view of the dramatic crisis that Spain is suffering, when one out of every five people live in unemployment, when we are in the sights of Europe, when we do not yet know how the current situation of hardship for many families will finish, the thinkers of this Government are devoted to invent tension situations that generate clashes among ordinary people.

Why after 75 years talk about the subject of the civil war to re-create hatreds between people? This topic has already been settled for many years but now this is about creating tension, by straying attention from more important issues, even if it involves bringing the Spaniards into conflict again.

Why make a law on religious freedom trying to distort roots and traditions of people who in their vast majority are and have always been catholic? It is false that there are so many Buddhists, Mormons, Adventists, etc. in Spain.

With another recent law, they emptied the content of the institution of marriage putting it on a level with the same-sex unions and facilitating the dissolution of it with the express divorce. No one thought that this is what actually generates more gender violence.

They have imposed the children and adolescents indoctrination in the official doctrine, through a subject that they called "Education for Citizenship" (in Catalonia is pure and hard pornography), but in reality is only a model to deform the youth.

On the other hand, they have eliminated religion classes and have undermined parent’s authority in children’s education, making that they can not be given them a slap to correct them. . . And there are parents who believe in it. It is ridiculous!

They have destroyed the legal protection of the most defenseless human beings, those who have not yet been born, allowing 16-years-old girls have an abortion without any obstacle and parental consent. This law is macabre.

This whole approach responds to a strategically designed plan and is put into practice after repeat many times the same ideas until catch on society little by little. In order to do this, they have used all kinds of false arguments and half-truths that the media don’t stop hammering.

They have been proposed delete honorable things that still retains the society and in particular, everything that has relation with Christian doctrine and Law of God. Due to they are atheists, they want to impose by force atheism in others and to do this they have strong persuasive forces.

Isabel Costa

Independent Forum of Opinion

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