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Bob Houliston and Antonio Cerdan (C.L.A.R.O.) handing in Cala Mosca Petition and objection to Environmental Impact Study

Thanks to the continuing wide public interest in saving Cala Mosca, the last green area on Orihuela Costa, from excessive and unnecessary house building, in a two week period the Petition organised by C.L.A.R.O. to object to the developer’s latest plans, received over 1,800 signatures.

This is a remarkable achievement considering that many of the activists who would normally help collect signatures were away on holiday. The Petition and a separate objection (alegación) by C.L.A.R.O. were handed in officially on 11 August at Playa Flamenco office of the Orihuela Town Hall and a final 50 signatures in Orihuela city on 12 August.

They will be passed on to the Valencia regional government which must decide on the validity of the objections. If they are accepted, the developer would be required to change his building plans.

The Petition objections relate principally to the fact that the developer will not reduce the volume of building proposed (1,500 new flats and houses) in order to preserve the environment and in particular to protect the two species, a flower and a snail, which are present on Cala Mosca and which require protection in order to avoid extinction.

Instead of building houses where the two species are at present concentrated, the developer’s plans propose, nonsensically, to locate in these areas, gardens, play areas and car parks which will mean the two species would be exposed to the maximum physical public presence and therefore danger.

In the face of these objections and similar objections which are believed to have been lodged with the Valencia authorities by the local government of Orihuela, there is good reason to hope that the developer will be obliged to amend his plans and reduce and relocate projected buildings in order to afford more environmental protection to Cala Mosca.

The fact that the fate of Cala Mosca has been placed on the agenda of the European Parliament as a result of previous C.L.A.R.O.initiatives, means that the Valencian authorities will have to be very careful not to approve plans which could violate European environmental legislation.

With continuing vigilance, Orihuela Costa residents and visitors can hope that we will be successful in limiting the amount of house building which will be allowed on Cala Mosca and that we will be able to preserve permanently as much as possible of the last remaining open, natural green area with views to the sea which exists on Orihuela Costa’s 16 kilometre coast.

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