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It is doubtful that a single driver on the roads has never been dazzled by the headlights from an oncoming car, sometimes through a mechanical fault, but more often due to driver error, perhaps leaving the lights on full beam without paying enough attention to realise, but with the potential to cause accidents as a “blinded” driver´s eyes adjust, Chinese traffic cops have come up with a unique punishment.

Traffic police in the city of Shenzhen, southeast of the Guangdong Province, deal with drivers who risk other road users by means of a tortuous ordeal of having to sit in the road in front of their patrol car, whilst the officer shines their headlights into the eyes of the illuminated driver, for a period of five minutes.

The police say that the punishment serves to remind drivers of the risk of not adjusting their headlights, but it still doesn´t mean they won´t be fined. In addition to the educational enlightenment, drivers are still fined 300 Yuan, the equivalent of around 40 euro, for the privilege.

Having faced some criticism, the traffic police have responded saying that, “in general the vast majority of people approved the initiative”, as the result is more people have a better idea of the consequences of their actions.

However, with headlight technology improving all the time, with new anti-dazzle headlights being fitted to some models in the higher end range, the physical cause of the torture may soon be a thing of the past, but for now, we all have a duty to be aware of our own actions whilst using the road network.

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