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Councillor for the Los Verdes green party of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, claims that the Ministry of the Interior and Justice may close down both Torrevieja´s municipal theatre, and the musical auditorium, “if it meets its obligation” on account of the buildings “lacking the mandatory licenses for opening and activities”.

In a statement, Dolón said that “eight years after its inauguration and opening to the public, it remains in a state of absolute illegality, in case of disaster, it will greatly exacerbate the negative consequences that follow”.

To Dolón, the government cannot claim that the records of the municipal theatre “is in process” after it has “been so long” since the opening and they “cannot keep looking the other way and pretend they are not aware that the theatre is being used”.

Dolón has also confirmed that the Los Verdes are preparing a new complaint addressed to the regional ministry which will include the programming of the theatre and events taking place, so as they can no longer claim to be in ignorance that the buildings are being used illegally for the events that take place, thus forcing them to “act accordingly”, and “impose the penalties provided by the current regulations”.

Dolón also stated how the last report formed by the Los Verdes detailed the “absolute irregularity” of the municipal theatre and requested that the City of Torrevieja “provide information on the situation in which is the record for obtaining a license to open” has been achieved.

In his opinion, the administration “will be forced to act to take whatever legal steps are necessary to ensure the safety of visitors and users”. Continuing that it is “very difficult” for the license was granted, because “the works do not have the finalised details from the completed projects by the architect”.

Moreover, the councillor states that the ruling government of the Partido Popular, with Eduardo Dolón as mayor, “has not resolved the numerous anomalies detected at the time of inspection by the Ministry of Interior and Justice”. Concerns relating to the “capacity of the theatre and the spacing between the rows of seats” are some of the issues still to be addressed, and will require “constructive solutions and other facilities, to ensure that the recalculated capacity meets the legally established occupation densities”. The greens also state that there are also pending requirements to satisfy current regulations relating to access to the theatre, plant height, general lighting and security, among others.

This news will no doubt come as yet another insult to the residents and businesses of Torrevieja, as the town hall are being accused of ignoring rules and laws that they are enforcing, such as the all-night long Electromar music event that caused disturbance right through the night for residents, and their actions to threaten and fine businesses for having live entertainment in venues without the appropriate licences, as it is clear from this allegation that they feel above the law themselves.

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