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Monserrate Guillén

Following on from his recent heart attack and subsequent surgery, the mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén, who has been recovering at home and away from the limelight, has started a gradual return to the public eye, first taking to Facebook to thank his supporters.

“After a month disappeared for an obvious reason”, his update read, “I would like to express my thanks” to everybody who has shown an interest and sent messages of support. Posting a picture of a fresh-faced and relaxed politician, he continued, “As you can see, I am fine. Recovery is going according to what has been planned and shortly, when the doctors and I consider it appropriate, I’ll be back to work”.

It is hoped that the mayor will return in a matter of weeks, ready to face the next wave of battles as he struggles to govern the municipality as the head of a team who are in the minority, faced with the perpetual “no” objections to any changes or improvements by the opposing PP and CLR collaboration, strangled and locked into a situation where no tabled motion will be approved, irrespective of the merits to benefit the people of the municipality.

Despite being in a “bubble” away from the stresses of Orihuela during his recovery, Guillén has still faced an attack via Facebook by a group supporting the electoral reform that would see the politician with the most votes automatically elected mayor. With the Los Verdes, Guillén received 10% of the votes in the last election and still became mayor, whereas the PP received 45%, according to the critics, which would automatically have led to, as Guillén explained, the automatically appointed mayor from the Partido Popular facing a string of corruption and criminal charges, as is the case with many of the opposition PP members, rather than the current situation with Guillén at the helm.

Concluding his status update, Guillén concluded by thanking, once again, “the support of the people who have helped me”, and whilst looking forward to his return, thanks “everybody for being there”.

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