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According to Victor Ruiz, the debt currently exceeds 250,000 euros.

The company that manages Orihuela city’s 620 parking spaces has not paid a single euro to the council in 4 years, according CLR councilor Juan Ignacio López, who says this is yet another appalling example of the inefficient management operated by the municipality

Despite the business collecting charges of between 15,000 and 20,000 euros a month they have failed to pay many of their employees for four months the result of which the Councillor for Infrastructure, Victor Ruiz (PSOE), has initiated termination of their contract.

Esma Park SL have been charging a minimum of 15 cents for just 20 minutes parking in the city centre spaces. They have managed the public service for over four years without paying a single euro in contracted fees

López-Bas said that he discovered the situation only by chance when he was trying to find out the cost of repainting the controversial green stripes for the transfer of the Tuesday market in Manuel Gallud. He says that he was horrified when he realized the situation which amounts to many thousands of euros in lost revenue that it would now seem to have cost Orihuela taxpayers.

When the matter was put to the Councillor for Infrastructure, Victor Ruiz (PSOE), he confirmed that Esma Park SL has never made any payments to the municipality; and shortly after joining the government team in early 2014, he has been attempting to find a solution but with little or no result.

Ruiz said that he asked for technical reports from the Treasury accountants who have asked on several occasions for some form of payment but with none forthcoming he has now started procedures to terminate of the contract that was signed for a six year period and is due to expires at the end of 2015.

According to Victor Ruiz, the debt currently exceeds 250,000 euros. He says that in four years of management the company has not complied with many of the improvements promised in the original contract documents, including their conducting an awareness campaign by printing and distributing 5,000 leaflets. The only thing that they have done is to annually repaint the streets blue, the color that reminds drivers that they must pay for parking or be fined.

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