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The headmaster said that the school was unable to perform satisfactorily with temperatures as high

Just a week after reopening its doors following the summer holiday the IES Virgen del Remedio de Alicante sent its students home last Tuesday morning after many of them complained of sickness as the heat in the classrooms reached 30 degrees C.

The move was in direct contravention to the guidelines issued by the department of Education.

In a statement issued to the parents of all students the headmaster said that the school was unable to perform satisfactorily with temperatures as high "and with the forecast of the upcoming weather conditions showing little change he had informed the competent education authorities, that the school will be closed until Monday 15th September."

A regional administrator had attended the school on the previous day at the request of the headmaster. He said that "all classes" without exception, had exceeded the temperature of 30 degrees from as early as 8.30 am. The law says that the maximum limit for students whilst undertaking their school activities should be 27 degrees so the headmaster said that he had no option other than to suspend the vocational training and high school classes.

The teachers told parents that the students complained that they couldn’t sit indoors and as such they were allowed to move to the playground where they spent their time drinking water. They said that they would much prefer that classes were canceled.

Before the move to close the school many parents had already said that they were keeping their children at home. Indeed on the previous day at the IES de San Blas, the management decided that teachers could not continue teaching in temperatures that exceeded 27 degrees and they sent their students outdoors in search of shade. This situation led to students, tired of the heat, notifying the families many of who arrived at the center to take them away.

Another local school which carried out similar action was the Clara Campoamor de Elche where teachers had urged the Department of Education to provide an urgent solution to the problem and which, on Friday had received a visit from an Inspector with the Valencian Institute for Health and safety at Work (INVASSAT) who measured the temperatures in the classes .

Many other institutes said that they applauded the decision of the IES Virgen del Remedio and the Clara Campoamor de Elche.

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