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Together with the Councillor for Security, Manuel Gallud, the deputy Mayor and the Chief of police presented diplomas and awards

The Policia Local celebrated the feast of their Patron Saint last week with a Mass at the Orihuela Cathedral. They also used the opportunity to honour many of their officers who have provided loyal and distinguished service to the city and the force over many years.

The local police were joined in their celebrations by representatives from the National Police and the Guardia Civil with which they regularly cooperate in pursuance of their security efforts.

The Commander of the Orihuela force, Jose Maria Pomarez, opened the ceremony by congratulating the performance of his officers even during these times of economic stringency in which they are forced to carry out many of their duties with a minimum of resources.

He also acknowledged the efforts of councilors and municipal staff in ensuring that the necessary funding is available, even though not as much as would be wanted, “which is essential for us to do our job with a minimum of safety and security."

The Chief of police staff stressed his delight at the addition of eighteen new officers who will be used to strengthen the service on the Orihuela Costa as part of a new Immediate Intervention Unit, which will act both in the town and in the surrounding districts, while other additional officers will support the various councils to ensure compliance with local ordinances.

The chief of the local police also thanked National and Guardia colleagues for their cooperation received each day "despite the limited human resources that they also are forced to endure."

In the absence of Monserrate Guillen, who continues to recover from a heart attack, the stand in mayor, Antonio Zapata, said that the new recruits will be devoted to improve services throughout the entire municipality. He praised the Policia Locale for the work that they do every day, and said that they must continue in their efforts to open paths to equality, with special attention to evils such as violence against women as well as crimes involving children and the elderly who are often the most vulnerable.

Together with the Councillor for Security, Manuel Gallud, the deputy Mayor and the Chief of police then presented diplomas and awards to those many officers who have served the city and the force with distinction.

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