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The U.K. Government have produced a Consultation Document relating to Income Tax Allowances which may become law in the Budget of 2015.

I have examined the Consultation document (see first link below) relating to U.K. Ex Pat Pensioners with a number of proposals. I am not a Financial or Tax Advisor but this is how I understand it.

In Paragraph 6.6 it relates to Ex.Pats, being resident in another country and suggests that those who are in receipt of Government style pensions, including those retired from the Health Service, Fire Service, Police Service, Education, Central and Local Government, Prison Service and possibly the Military Service, would still retain their Personal Allowance. If such are resident in another country, i.e. Spain, they may be having their State Pension paid into Spain and dealt separately with under the Spanish Tax System.

However, if this is the intention, why add the Question 6.2.(below) at the end to 6.6? If a question is asked, a response is anticipated. My thoughts are that if there are insufficient responses received will the law come into operation at next years Budget with the exclusion of 6.6, meaning that the Allowance be taken away from those now receiving it?

QUESTION 6.2: Do you agree that retaining the UK Personal Allowance in respect of the income of non-residents which is by treaty subject exclusively to UK taxation would help mitigate unfair outcomes from a broader policy of restricting non-residents’ entitlement to the UK Personal Allowance?

People are then given the opportunity to send in an e-petition in relation to this.

As this is to my mind quite ambiguous,could I suggest that all concerned complete the e-petition form and send it in as requested? Even if it does not effect you directly, friends or relatives, etc, could you also do the same so that the Government receive as large a number of replies as possible?

This will help those who have spent their lives working for the U.K. Government in one way or another and a good many of whom are living on dwindling pensions.

The link to the Government Web Site is:-

The link to the Petition is:-
The link to send comments to the U.K. Treasury is:-

Or write to:- Specialist Personal Tax consultation
HM Treasury
1 Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ

Chris Poole

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