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Former mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Ángel Hernández Mateo

Questions are being raised as to why some politicians who are convicted of criminal offences still manage to maintain a privileged position, even when incarcerated for their crimes.

As calls for the former President of Castellón, Carlos Fabra, to enter prison for his crimes are reinforced, a situation he is currently avoiding pending his plea for clemency on account of his political position, the situation faced by one politician who is imprisoned has been highlighted.

Having been found guilty of corruption by every stage of the judicial process, former mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Ángel Hernández Mateo, finally entered prison a month and a half to go. But, whilst those of us who have not experience the reality of prison life may only have the televised images to relate to, the reality of what this prisoner has to endure is far from a life of hardship and deprivation, but is one of privilege and seemingly calm composure.

Confidential sources at the prison have stated that Hernández Mateo has spent his time in the prison treated as a hospital patient, partly said to be on account of his age, and the fact he is fitted with a pacemaker, isolated and protected from the other prisoners.

The hospital wing of the Campos del Río prison in Murcia can accommodate between 30 and 40 patients, all considered to be of “low risk”, intended for a temporary stay in the event of minor illness, according to the sources, thus avoiding the transfer of a prisoner to a hospital in the event of a need for treatment. However, rather than spending his time locked in his cell, Hernández Mateo has apparently spent almost all of this six week period in the hospital wing, with no apparent likelihood of him being returned to a normal cell.

Other than his location in the perhaps more comfortable accommodation, similar routines apply to other prisoners, with an 8 am start, perhaps an attendance at a craft workshop, plus visits from home. Unlike other prisoners though, Hernández Mateo is allowed a daily walk through the prison corridors, unaccompanied by any officials, a stroll not normally permitted even with an accompaniment. There is also the opportunity for a day release, leading to a longer term freedom with a tag and curfew, although that element has yet to be claimed by Hernández Mateo.

Hernández Mateo may well soon have the added benefit of a release from prison, but only to attend court in connection with another case, after judicial sources reveal that the courts now believe that there is further evidence to be considered in the ongoing investigation into how Hernández Mateo purchased land in Almoradí, which he claimed was for use for walking his dogs, only to sell it a short time later at a profit of over 5 million euro. This case, like many other relating to corruption by local politicians, was first raised by the Los Verdes green party, who now also state that, amongst others, Hernández Mateo´s wife is also under investigation.

Other cases and questions continue to come to light involving the former may and now convicted criminal, but this latest question as to why one man can be afforded such privileges considering his conviction will no doubt raise further questions as to how some politicians have seemingly been able to get away with so much for so long.

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