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Jeffrey Wiszniewski (right) with the former British Ambassador to Spain

Summer is just about over and many of us are reluctantly turning our attentions to the Christmas Period. But what does it mean for those in Local Government? For P.I.P.N. and the other Political Parties, this is a time for preparation, for the Municipal Elections in May 2015. It is also a time for reflection.

Were we successful in completing the things that we set out to do in our manifesto? Have we made the lives of the residents better? Did we improve Social Care? Have we got better transport links? Has there been an improvement in security and the environment?

Have we listened to what you, the public want? I think that in answer to all those questions, there is a strong Yes to be heard. With our collaboration in the pact with the Partido Popular, the last term of office has seen many improvements. When we set out we did not even have an office. By July 2011, we had a designated office for the Urbanisations.

The aim of which, was to provide a point of contact for the residents of La Marina and the other Urbanisations that make up the Municipality of San Fulgencio. In the 3 years plus, since the office opened, we have dealt with more than 5000 enquiries. Literally enquiries, which have ranged, from the cradle to the grave. Although the majority of the residents do speak either English or Spanish, we found a need for a German interpreter.

We have bridged that gap by having an interpreter available in our office every Thursday. As a result we have been able to extend our services to many other residents. On the point of Social Care, we have established strong relationships with our own Social Services, many Charitable Organisations, the British Consulate and the Royal British Legion.

Prior to coming into power, the Urbanisations had no celebration of Christmas as we know it in northern Europe. We had a large tree erected outside the Social Centre and Christmas Carols inside, on the lead up to Christmas. The following week we had a New Year’s Party. These were continued over the next couple of years and we will continue to do the same this year. We started a Christmas Campaign in 2011 to collect food and gifts for the needy. This has been supported tremendously well, by the residents.

This has also continued and the theme of providing food for the most needy has resulted in monthly food parcels being distributed. We were also instrumental in helping the A.A.N. getting formed, who have taken over the task of collecting money to buy the food for the needy families of San Fulgencio. We now supply food parcels each month for more than 60 families.

We have organised many events for the other local charities, giving them well deserved donations for their cause. On the subject of better transport links, we have managed to persuade some of the bus companies to extend their services from Cartagena and Alicante, to stop in the Urbanisation and also extending links to Orihuela and Elche. We have organised many cultural trips for the residents, providing an insight into life in Spain with the hope that more and more people integrate into their new life in Spain Due to better information being passed to the Police, the Security of the area has been improved. With the continued support of the public, we hope that it will be improved even further.

The formation of the Protection Civil has been one of our goals and with their help they have provide security for many of the fiestas. They have also assisted in nearby towns when their own fiestas take place. All members of the Protection Civil are volunteers from our own community. In general, the area been cleaned up with the parks and gardens being looked after in a more professional and efficient manner.

Also credit must be given to the whole government team for their efforts in bringing down the inherited debt, which was more than 9 million euros. We have worked together, by negotiating new contracts and suppliers.We have changed our electrical contractor, who agreed to supply new LED lights for the all of the Urbanisations. This project is nearing completion and soon as we will enjoy a cheaper and more efficient lighting system. Not to mention the fact that the lights are more eco friendly. The thrust of our current goal is to get as many people as possible onto the votors role so that the residents all have a voice in the next local government We have also formed relationships with local companies that are keen to invest in the future of San Fulgencio.

So what of the future? In order to continue to improve the area and to continue to bring down the debt, we have to ensure a stable government, who can work together to bring about what is best for the residents of our community. In the past Towns and Municipalities, operated on the principal of what is in it for me. With so much bickering and petty lies being told, in order to destabilise current governments and with Municipalities throughout Spain, falling to the opposition at subsequent elections, it is little wonder that anything ever gets done.

Here within the P.I.P.N. we are putting together a strong team of candidates. Candidates who have business experience, legal experience and political experience, as well as individuals who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the last few years.

We believe that our team can lead us into the future, to better represent the various nationalities that make up our Municipality. Through this article and subsequent articles I would like to offer residents of San Fulgencio the opportunity to put forward their suggestions for a better life. If you have any queries or problems please feel free to contact myself at concejaliadeurbanizaciones@ayto-sanfulgencio.es or to the Leader Newspaper at office@theleader.info

Prior to submitting this article, I received the following question: How is it possible for certain shops and market traders to sell E-Cigs and nicotine based liquids. Do they require a licence? The answer is, that in order to trade in any type of goods, whether it is from a market stall or from premises, a licence is required. All market traders require a licence to trade as do shops. Shops require an opening licence.

Any shop that already possesses an opening licence can cell E-Cigs as they do not come under the same tax rules as tobacco and alcohol, they are currently exempt from the requirement to have a special licence You will hear this from me whenever we meet. Remember to ensure that you are on the Padron and that you are eligible to vote. It is up to you, the voters, to vote for the government that you want.

Jeffrey Wiszniewski Concejalia de Urbanizaciones, President of P.I.P.N.

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