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This is a video that has gone around the world. It is promoted by Krizovatka, a Czech organization that seeks to change the world through awareness campaigns of solidarity values.

The video does not need words, because it aspires to be universal, and the words differ from one country to another. So it uses two languages which are universals: the image and the music, says Professor Alfonso Méndiz.

The image is certainly the most attractive. What we see is not a story: it is a chain of stories linked by a great theme: Love. The final slogan reminds us, "láskou a sluzbou cesty spojujeme" (With love and service, we join paths). Indeed, love is contagious: it is a medicine that cures everything, everything heals, quickens everything; and at the same time, is a virus that is spread between humans: we would pass on to each other every day.

It all starts with the goodness of a child. A small, introverted and colored boy who realizes he can help another just lending a hand. His action is seen by another person, who are encouraged to give to another what he has experienced. And so begins a chain of services that seems endless.

The other language without borders is music. The lyrics of the song created by ‘Noah and the Whale’ highlighted with extraordinary force these inspiring images: "If you give a little love, you receive love for you." It is an invitation to solidarity: "Give a little love, and see what happens".

Sometimes it is enough a small gesture, such as reaching out. Just a small action that initiates an unexpected chain. And then the miracle is operated. Love makes possible the miracle of life becoming wonderful.

Selfish love is our worst enemy. Napoleon said: "The most dangerous of our counselors is self-love".

clementeferrer3@gmail.com Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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