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Work Experience student, Robyn White from Kingston Uni

Last month I spent some time here working at The Leader as part of a work experience option for the last year of my Media degree at Kingston University.

When I landed at Murcia airport I had no idea what to expect, I had never worked for a newspaper before and had no idea when picking up a daily or weekly newspaper of all the work that goes in to it. That’s one thing you never think about when reading a newspaper until you experience it first hand.

My first days were spent learning about how things work at The Leader. I was shown things such as how to design pages, how to send pages to the printers, what a page in a newspaper should look like and I was told about what was done each day to ensure the paper was ready for release on a Monday. After learning the ropes I was fully treated as a Leader employee with my own responsibilities such as doing my own research, writing articles, designing pages and attending client meetings.

My favourite part was getting the chance to interview people in the area. I first got to interview local favourite, entertainer Stevie Spitt. I had never interviewed anyone before and although I was nervous at first it felt almost natural to me as soon as I started asking questions. It was great to then use my research to write my own article and actually see it printer in a newspaper. What amazed me even more was when I sat in on an interview with Raquel Pena after seeing her amazing flamenco dancers and then my article featured front page! I never thought I would see the day.

My time at The Leader has taught me so much. The amount of work that goes into ensuring each newspaper is ready to be sent to the printer amazed me, even down to getting those last minute news stories in that happen before sending them off to print. What impressed me the most was how organised everyone down at The Leader is though so much so that they make all that hard work look easy.

The great thing about working for a local newspaper is you get a real insight into absolutely everything that goes into producing a paper. From the design, to the writing of most articles, to the distribution, The Leader do it all themselves. Had I had experience at a national paper I feel as though the experience would have been nowhere near as enriching for me as I’m sure that they had different people for each of their jobs.

I would like to thank everyone at The Leader so much for giving me the opportunity of this work experience. I have learned so much to go back to university with and have so many stories to share (and I am sure many students will be very jealous of a job where after you’ve finished a day at the office you can go and lay down by the pool) and I also have a new appreciation for my local newspaper.

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