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Results Euronics Darts League

180´s Peter Ayres (Porter House), Pat Abrams (Meerkats)……Highest finish 112 Jim Scott (Junction Jackals), 130 Pat Abrams (Meerkats), 158 Pat Schofield (Junction Jaguars)

Early days in the season with no draws to date in Division 2 and then four come along at once, giving the Ale House and Misfits their first points, the Tavern and Breakaways losing their 100% record. Porter House had the Meerkats on the rack this week leading 4-5 and making as much noise as an Old Trafford crowd at home.

It was however within the realms of acceptable darts etiquette as you would expect from the Porters.

I must say Ray Sanderson´s outfit look very smart in their new shirts but where did they get them from, probably from Del Trotter as you will notice they are the same colour as the luminous paint Del boy re-decorated his local Chinese in.

Busters look good this time round, this week´s win moves them into second spot. Mark Filer got them off to a flyer taking out D16 after two tons. Gary Minor 100 and Eddie Fozzard 121 plus a double levelled for Pint Depot. Another ton from Minor and one from Matt Cummins looked likely for a Depot lead after three but Filer 100, Paul Gurrie 119 set up Bill Russell to take out the double and the lead.

Minor continued his form with a 140 and 81, Paul Dowington countering with 100 and Ray Harvey nailing D3. Gurrie added 121 to his tally in the second pairs, but Cummins hit the double plus a ton of his own. Peter O´Rourke made it 2-4 at half time finishing D8, scoring 81 and a ton. The Kings added just one more leg through Cummins winning 2-0, Busters taking the other 5. Filer added a 120, O´Rourke a 140.

Meerkats knew they would have a game on their hands against the Porters. Captain Ray Sanderson´s smart move in signing Sid Cross has given his side a little edge so don’t be surprised if they finish in the top 3. The Kats got away to their customary quick start Pat Abrams 125, Lee Maiden and Derek Kingsbury assisting well, the latter finding D6 for the first. Paul Durrant´s D16 after a nice 125 made it 2 up in just 11 minutes.

It looked a good bet for 3-0 after Abrams hit 100,140,99, but tons from Sanderson and Cross followed by the double from the new boy was to be pivotal in the match. Cross 100 was on again in the first pairs with Ray Hayes, the scoring tit for tat until Abrams requiring 130 found 2xT20 and then D5 right in the middle for a comfortable 3-1 lead.

The Sandersons paired up for the next, Paul contributing a ton but then busting 114 after miscounting. It would have been a wonderful out T20,D16,D16 for 124, but its 501 Paul not 511. No problem however for Ray as he hit D12. A 140 from Kat skipper Kingsbury was equalled in the last pair by Brian Nash whose partner Peter Ayres held his own with a 121 and D4 for 3 apiece.

Hayes took the middle leg of 3 playing Abrams who scored 125, 2×140 and numerous 80 pluses in the three, winning in 18 and 19 darts. Hayes no slouch himself hit 3×100 and was unfortunate to have three bounce outs in the third leg. Paul Sanderson 2×100, 99, levelled with a 2-0 result versus Alex Nikolov. Kingsbury´s 100,140 in the next was insufficient against Cross who made it 4-5 on D10 and D8. Durrant levelled against Nash, the former scoring 2×100,1×140,2×85 finishing on 58 (S18,D20) and D8.

Maiden edged the Kats ahead after a 140 and 100 securing the leg and draw on D20 and D8 despite a spirited effort from Ayres 133. Who else but the skipper to save the match in the final leg, although he nearly let it slip after opponent Alan Ostrowski had managed a 140 and ton. Sanderson wobbled just a little bit but not enough as D16 and D1 levelled the match for shared points. Great game, banter and the usual good humour.

Gogarty´s opened their account courtesy of Steve Woods D16 on their visit to the Jackals from the Junction. This was soon wiped out by Keith King D5 and then the larger than life Jim Scott´s 112 out (S20,T20,D16). Elaine Willis levelled on D3 after setting up the finish on T17. King D16 edged the Jackals in front again leaving Andy Gildea to make it 4-2 at the break.

Scott was first on in the singles and finished 185 in 5 darts, 125 followed by S20,D20 and then D10 for 5-2. Richard Pattison got the Bulls back to winning ways with a 2-0 on D20,D10 TWICE. What a showman! Brian Newton D14 took just the one leg against Gildea whose 100,D20,99,D15 ensured one point for the Jackals. Cynthia Jevons gave the Bulls a chance of a point winning 2-1 for 6-4, however Phil de Lacy D8 and D14 gained the extra point leaving Kenny Wilkinson to make it 8 on D14 and D17. Jim Scott was nominated man of the match.

Breakaways entertained the Junction Jaguars and kept their unbeaten status with a deserved draw. The hosts were 3-0 up in no time despite some heavy scoring, but no doubles, from Pat Schofield, Wendy Hayward and Angela Craggs. In an amazing turn around it was 3 apiece at half time despite some great scoring from the Bears´ Sarah Simpson, Mike Douglas 100, Mike Snow 100,85 and Ivan Jones 140. Hayward D18, Lisa Ivill D5 and Hilda Wilkinson D5 making the Jaguars proud.

Del Lister 85,140,D20 gave the hosts a slender lead. Snowy must have thought his 3×80 pluses were enough against Schofield who wanted 158 with the Bear comfortably in front expecting to set up the double. Not so, 20 seconds later the leg was over, T20,T20,D19 for a magnificent 158 out from Schofield. That will take some beating. Calling Abrams, Filer, Walker and Co. to beat that! Jones D14 and then Sarah Simpson found some good form to ensure the draw on D20. It fell on Tracy Simpson to retrieve the situation for Jaguars and in a true captain´s role she squared the match for a valuable point finding D3 after a ton and 3×80 pluses.

In the remaining Division 2 matches the partnership of Leah Chesworth and Karl Cooper did the Sporting Life Misfits proud. Cooper top scored for the hosts with a 140, whilst Chesworth faced Brett Badlove in the 12th leg to either lose or take a point in a draw.

The draw was the outcome, the Misfits beauty finding D16 to earn her side a point. Incidentally the original placing of the dart board near the staircase in the main bar of Sporting Life has now been moved upstairs, where Karl Cooper has done a great job in setting up a very nice oche and space ideal for private parties.

John Graziour had a tasty 80 out T20,D10 in the first leg for the Taverners, playing host to the Ale House. It was 4-2 at half time to the home side and a close encounter.

Ian Brown contributed 140. Barry Whipday saved the day for the Ale House on D8 to earn Karl Mallinson´s side their first point of the season.

Shared spoils once again in the final match of the week featuring newcomers Evolution against the Royalty of Pint Depot. Her most Royal Queen Debbie, was up to her tricks again this week hitting a fine 165 (T20,T18,T17) unfortunately she only wanted 145. Can´t work that one out! They however won the first, Lorraine Cox gaining the double. It was soon 0-2 via Marie Dunne on D7.

John Williams pulled one back for Evolution on D14. Ken Treble levelled for the hosts in the first pair, only for the Queens to nudge ahead through Anne O´Keeffe on D5. Some good scoring from both sides in the final pair culminated in Vi Turner increasing the Royals lead at half time to 2-4. Treble reduced the deficit in the opening single after a tasty 121, only for Rachel Broadhead to open the gap to two legs on D5. Trevor Laughton D8 made it 4 legs for the hosts only for Queen Debbie to ensure the draw and point on D2.

Needing both legs to salvage the match, Debbie Williams found D2 after Cox had missed her opportunity on D16. Captain Williams faced Turner in the last leg and threw well 80,100 and a 70 out (T10,D20) to earn a draw and points apiece.

Paul Durrant

League Chairman

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