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According to a survey of 600 Spanish medics, 84% believe that cuts to the healthcare budget have less to a loss in the level of care they can give to patients.

Details of the survey conducted by the Spanish Society of Primary, SEMERGEN, also reveals that 86% believe that the quality of care has deteriorated in the last year, and 60% are pessimistic about the future of primary care in Spain.

On the other hand, 66% of respondents say that the current level of care they give is good, with 14% opting to say that the general level across the country is pretty bad.

In terms of time allocated to patients, 67% say that they have between 5 and 10 minutes to treat each patient, whereas 18% have to complete their examinations in under 5 minutes. The survey also revealed regional variations on this time.

Whilst the time to treat patients may have decreased, the administration has gone the other way, with 47% of medics saying that they have more bureaucratic tasks to complete compared to last year.

Meanwhile, 55% say that they have difficulty in accessing new treatments, and 84% recommend the use of online facilities for training and certification of their skills.

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