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José Serna

Local coordinator of the UPyD political group in Torrevieja, José Serna, has resigned from his post within the group, after six years battling against corruption and political wrongdoing.

Serna has stated that his resignation is due to the “unfortunate behaviour of the national leadership of UPyD”, that ended with the resignation of MEP Francisco Sosa Wagner. Serna also claims that “most members” of the UPyD in Torrevieja “have shown the same desire to leave”.

In a statement, Serna describes how the degeneration and economic, social, institutional and moral ruins which have led to the corrupt imperfect bipartisanship of the PP and PSOE in Torrevieja, and to the enormous threat of populism looming, “it saddens me greatly to see how a political party led by the brave and admired Rosa Díez who aspired to change Spain, and with political pioneering democratic outlook, more necessary than ever in Torrevieja, Orihuela and throughout Spain, including: anti-corruption, transparency, reviving the economy, the fight against unemployment, the independence of justice, the elimination of volumetric, anti exclusive nationalism, independence of regulatory bodies, improvement of education and health, complaints against Bankia-Caja”, and how the national group is “adrift” from meeting “very difficult idealistic goals”.

“I have devoted much time to politics. Time I subtracted from my family, sports and business, from now on I will open a period of reflection and decide between leaving politics or keep fighting for the Democratic Regeneration of UPyD or another similar project.

Serna concluded by thanking those who have both inspired and followed him in his six year fight.

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