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Results and tables

What a tussle down at Busters Bar when they entertained Porter House in this week´s top of the table clash. Shirley Roberts´ Busters side found themselves 6-2 up, requiring just one from 4 singles and 2 valuable points. It didn’t happen as some splendid finishing from Ray Sanderson´s side gradually reduced the deficit, finally sealing the draw and shared spoils.

Mark Filer opened with his customary ton, but it was Porter Yvonne Rouffignac who finished the 701 on D10 for an early lead. Busters response was emphatic. Paul Dowington 125 and Ray Harvey 100,D8 levelled in no time. More tons followed, Filer´s 121 was overshadowed by Sid Cross´s 100 and Peter Ayres 133 and D2. Surprisingly Busters took all three pairs.

A 116 from Cross was insufficient as Filer completed the 601 on D3 to take the first. Dowington finished using the bull to take the second, leaving Babs Warren to complete the pairs whitewash on D10 after a magnificent 174.

Porter Ray Hayes faced the familiar figure of Filer in the first single. Hayes lone ton was eclipsed by the Buster as two game shots in the best of 3 encounter were accompanied by 2×140 and a 135. Paul Gurrie´s D9 and D20 were too much for Rouffignac as the hosts moved ominously closer to victory leading 6-2.

Roberts looked like making it both points when D20 went straight in for a 1-0 lead against Paul Sanderson, the Porter making it 1 apiece on D16, to ensure the decider. The captain´s 132 wobbled the visitor, but he steadied himself with 47 remaining and duly planted S15,D16 and a slight chance of retrieving the match at 6-3. Ray Harvey figured next versus birthday boy Sid Cross, who would only own up to being 31. Yeh really Crossey!

The “young man” from Sidcup was obviously keen to get back to the bar as 2×100 and a 125 plus two tidy finishes of 58 (S18,D20) and 49 (S17,D16) made short work of the Buster but more importantly 4 legs for the Porters. Warren found her earlier form missing as she faced Ayres to take the match.

The Porter man opened with some reasonable scoring but his finishing was the all important factor in a tremendous victory, a 72 out (S12,S20,D20) and D20 using one dart, saw off Warren´s challenge for 6-5. The 12th leg loomed, Dowington for Busters, Ray Sanderson for Porters. Busters had the advantage of first throw, which of course favoured the hosts.

A single ton from captain Porter and D20 plus first throw in the second gave Sanderson a real lift. Dowington´s response was 2×100, Sanderson just a ton. A couple of missed doubles from both was retrieved by the Porter who nailed D5 for 2-0 and an overall 6 apiece result giving each side one point. Wonderful match! Details are a little sketchy but Porter Brian Nash encountered a nasty fall this week, resulting in hospitalisation and numerous head and facial stitches.

I understand he is now recovering and I am sure I represent all the Euronics League players in wishing him well and a speedy recovery.

Meerkats stay just above Busters after a comfortable away win over Junction Jackals. Licensee Andy Gildea serves a nice pint at the Junction and has erected an excellent throw for us players, unfortunately they use invisible ink for scoring which makes working out your finishing a little difficult. Steph sort out the pens! Gildea himself played well accompanied by larger than life Jim Scott, who still manages a decent game, despite golf, jet setting and holidays taking priority.

Just this year he has visited Ireland for golf, Krakow (Poland) sight-seeing, Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans for singing lessons. Don’t know where you get the energy from Jim. He nevertheless opened the scoring for Jackals with a ton and D10 after the Kats had messed around looking for a double, Pat Abrams 2×100 totally worthless. The game swung the other way Paul Durrant finding the next two doubles plus 100, 140, Abrams contributing 140 for 1-2.

A 138 from Durrant setting up D20 was converted by Alex Nikolov a throw or two later. The formidable pairing of Abrams 125,100,81 and Lee Maiden 81,100 appeared too strong for Scott and Mac McLean, however the latter´s ton followed by a 77 out from Scott (S19,S18,D20) shook the Kats, the score now 2-3. Danas Bobinas on S19,D8 made it 2-4 at the break. Despite 2×100,1×140 from Durrant against Alex Giles it was a scrappy leg won by the Kat 1-2 on D10 and D2, Giles taking the middle leg on D8.

Scott arrived at the oche in the 9th match and promptly took the first on D9 after 2×100 and an 81 against the Bulgarian builder Nikolov. The Kat replied with 2×100 and D6 for 1 apiece. Scott flexed his ample muscles and responded with 2×100, the Kat a little behind requiring 124. Two treble twenties and a D2 for a 124 out made it 2-1 for Nikolov and the overall match for the Kats. Great darts from Scott, just ousted by a tremendous game shot. Maiden´s 2×100,D12 and D20 was good enough to take out McLean as was Graham Todd´s 3×95,D1 and D8 playing against Keith King 122 and the first leg on D2. Kenny Wilkinson made it 3 for the hosts with 95,114 and an excellent 81 out (T15,D18) plus D11 in the decider playing Bobinas.

Hub Hyenas managed to complete a match this week, when they were visited by the Kings of Pint Depot. Gary Minor was the King´s only winner in a one sided encounter. Some very consistent scoring throughout was topped in his second leg victory over Jeff Harvey, Minor scoring 85,100,100,100,D16.

Eddie Fozzard top scored with a 140 but little else for the Kings. A reasonable tally of 15 tons and ton pluses by the Hyenas proved too much for an out of form Pint Depot. Joe Miller amassed 5×100, Nick Spicer 132,125,2×100, were the main stays in a match where the visitors managed their only win in the final leg. Simon Williams´ 3 game shots and Joe Hawkins 2 game shots and a 125 assisted both Miller and Spicer.

The Jaguars were missing hot shot Pat Schofield this week, she of the 158 game shot a week ago was absent as the visitors went down to Brett Badlove´s Que Pasa Kestrels. Wendy Hayward got the Jaguars off to a good start with a 125 and D2, but this early lead was the only time they were in front as Yvette Samuel D10 and Chris Miles S16,D20 made it 2-1 after the triples.

Some tasty scores in the third from Tracy Simpson and Hilda Wilkinson 85,117 were not enough against Miles´ powerful scoring. Miles continued in the first doubles with a 113 and double to go further ahead. Lucy Maiden pulled one back for Jaguars on D14, only to lose the next via Gilly Kirby on D3 for 4-2 at the break.

The hosts took 4 of the six singles through Badlove 116,D2, Miles D2, Samuel D1 and Kirby D4 who also amassed 5×80 pluses through the evening. Hayward and Lisa Ivill replied for the away side, Sharon Bugg outstanding but unable to convert some great scoring. Miles was deservedly man of the match.

Tavern Drivers and Breakaways Bears both remain unbeaten and now have identical records to include leg difference. The Taverners found themselves 2-4 up at half time, Ian Brown taking out 48 using just two (S16,D16) in the third triple. John Dursley won the match for the visitors by the third single, but it was Ian Brown who was nominated man of the match.

Breakaways looked pretty useful this term and were in a mean mood versus Evolution. Del Lister D6, Ivan Jones D5 and Mel Dawson D8 gave the Bears a 0-3 lead after the triples, but it wasn’t quite that easy as Paul Wilson 112 and Jak Doggatt 81,118 countered for the Evos.

Wilson continued in the doubles with 3×80+, but couldn’t prevent Lister 2×80+, D4, Mike Snow D15 and Mike Smith D1 making it 6 without reply at half time. Debbie Williams saved the whitewash on D4 as the Bears ran riot winning 5 of the singles for 1-11. Jones 140,83,D17, Smith 85,100,D3, Lister 85,85,D2 being the pick of the singles bunch.

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