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Euronics Results 30 Oct 14

Busters didn’t travel too well this week, losing their unbeaten record to the Meerkats at their Villamartin venue. It wasn’t quite the anticipated match, 30 ton pluses and a further twenty 80 pluses looked reasonable enough but some scruffy finishing contributed to a weighted score line.

Mark Filer´s opening 100, was immediately cancelled out by Paul Durrant´s 140, fellow Kat Graham Todd scoring 117. Babs Warren kept Busters in the running for the first leg, but was pipped by Alex Nikolov taking out tops. No 3 figure scores at all in the second until requiring 116 Pat Abrams returned S20,T20,D18 for the Kats to go 2 up. Abrams figured again in the third with a 122 and D10, Filer´s 100 not enough.

Lee Maiden livened up in the first pair after an atrocious start, joining Nikolov in the high scoring leg, completed by the Bulgarian. Peter O´Rourke´s 2×100 in the fifth leg looked likely to gain the visitors first point, unfortunately Durrant used just two arrows for a 78 out (T18,D12) after a countering ton. Two more tons from Busters in the 6th, 1 apiece from Filer and Shirley Roberts, just edged out Todd and Alan Ostrowski, Filer completing the 601 on D5.

An out of sorts Ray Harvey managed his only 100 of the evening in the opening singles against Nikolov, who didn’t fare much better in the scoring department.

His finishing however was pretty sharp, taking out 74 in the first and 70 in the second (T10,S20,T10) to earn the Kats at least a point. Next leg deserved to go to three, indifferent finishing allowing Durrant 131,140,100,D2 and D8 to overcome a spirited performance from the amiable Paul Gurrie 100. With the match won, both sides expected fireworks when Abrams faced Filer in the 9th leg.

It didn’t happen unfortunately, Filer mustered a top score of only 94, whilst Abrams found a 140 and 100 but no doubles which were left to his opponent who finished the job on D10 and D8. Del Kingsbury gave his usual captain´s performance, he should play more, winning in two straight with 2×140,99,D4 and D20. O´Rourke looked impressive and determined in the penultimate leg, opening with 140,100 and a 76 out (S16,S20,D20) against Maiden´s single ton.

Another high score from the Buster a 125 this time wasn’t sufficient as Maiden blasted 3×95 plus a ton and D18 to level. O´Rourke couldn’t take advantage of the throw in the decider, letting in the Kat with 140,81,85 and D8 for the hosts 9th point. Captain Shirley Roberts looked like gaining Busters third point when she took the first leg against Todd and had darts in the second for 0-2. A D3 for a relieved Todd in the second and some hefty scoring in the third, 95,115 and D10 just outgunned the popular Roberts for a slightly flattering result for the Kats.

Porterhouse entertained the Hyenas from Villamartin´s Hub bar and what a ding dong. Both teams were without their captains, Simon Williams enjoying a wedding and Ray Sanderson fixing his car after refusing to start. The Porters were also without Brian Nash after last week´s serious tumble but apparently he may well be making an appearance next week, recovered or not. We wish him well. The Porters will also be without the Sandersons´ son Paul from next week returning to work in Hanoi Vietnam. He will be missed as this week´s performance suggests.

The Porters got off to a steady start, winning two of the three triples available, although it was Hyena Nick Spicer taking the first with D2 plus a ton. Shaun Smith added a further ton in the next, but Sanderson 100 and then youngster Sid Cross taking out 70 (S18,S20,D16) levelled leaving Ray Hayes on D16 to take the lead, despite tons from Smith and Joe Miller.

Smith levelled the match score in the first pairs, the Porters taking the next via Sanderson 100 and Cross D4. Spicer D20 made it all square at the break, with the draw a likely outcome.

Sanderson showed what the Porters will be missing in a cracker of a match, taking out Joe Miller 2-1 for a slender lead. The Hyenas 2×100 and D18, not good enough as Porterman hit 139,95,100,121,D11 and a tasty 73 out (S19,S14,D20). Spicer faced the veteran and sometime funny man Peter Ayres in the next and duly levelled the match with a fine performance against the joker, 3×100,140,D4 and D8 proved a bridge too far for Ayres, although opportunities were available after scores of 133 and 97. Another good match followed Miller v. CThe third was a little tentative, no big scores, just a D4 from Miller.

John Saunders made short work of Con Rouffignac winning the first two legs on D19,D16 the Porter replying with a 107. Jeff Harvey made it a double over the Rouffignacs, this time Yvonne, with D18 and D5 for the match and 2 valuable points, they probably thought they were not going their way. Ray Hayes had the unenviable task of facing an in-form Smith who made it 8 for the visitors, scoring 2×100, 104,140 and the all important doubles D8 and D4.

ross, the latter taking the first on D5 and D15 in two, the Hyena recording a 135. The tie was levelled on D16, after a 121 from Cross and a ton from his opponent.

Junction Jackals recovered from last week´s home defeat, to take out unbeaten Que Pasa Eagles. In fact you wouldn’t have bet on 1-5 at half time, but that was the score. Andy Gildea once again starred for the Jackals in the first half hitting 100 and two doubles, D4 and a 52 out (S12,D20). Michael Jones assisted with two of his own D12 and D15, Jim Scott taking out the fifth double on D8.

Den Hall and Joe Cuyt contributing to the Eagles single point. The hosts pulled their socks up in the singles taking the first two through Jim Storey (2-0) and Stuart Clark taking out Jim Scott by the same score, the Jackal managing 2×100 plus a host of 80 pluses, but it was Clark´s 3×100 plus D1 and D8 to take the leg and (3-5). Gildea saw off the challenge of Cuyt for at least a draw on D20 and D16 plus a ton. Captain Hall expected to take the first leg, in his encounter with Mick Jones, scoring 121 and 134 to leave a double.

Jones required 101 and somehow missed the dart board with his first however, the second found T17 and the third a bulls eye. Wow! Hall levelled on D2 after recovering from Jones exploits in the first, but Jones took the third leg on D2 for both points. Kevin Wood made it four for the hosts on D20 and D8 to include 101 and 100 setting up Clark to make it 5 for the Eagles in a tight match with Steph Simpson who took the middle leg on a 69 out (S19,S18,D16). Clark´s winning legs on D20 and D10 included 2×100 and a 121.

Breakaways had a convincing home victory to the Kestrels and remain unbeaten. Crunch time will be the next league match on November 13th when they visit the Tavern, also unbeaten with the same points. Brett Badlove, Que Pasa´s licensee, showed the Kestrels how to do it with a 140 and D20 in the triples, helped by some good scoring from Terry Kirby and Alan Preston.

Unfortunately it was to no avail as the Bears took the other two triples. The pairs went the same way, 2-1 to Breakaways, Mike Smith 100 and Ivan Jones 101 doing the damage. Badlove once again finishing this time on D8, the Kirbys Terry and Gilly doing their best to level with a number of high scoring trebles. At 4-2 down at half time the Kestrels were still in the game, but a tasty 90 out from Mike Snow (T18,D18), a couple of 80 pluses from Mel Dawson plus D2 gave the Bears the draw and at least a point.

Smith was next on and promptly secured the win with 81,100,95 the double for two points and a share of the top of the table spoils. Smith was also voted man of the match securing 3 of his side´s 10 winning doubles. Mike Douglas D16 and Ivan Jones D20 made it 9 for the home side leaving Sarah Simpson to finish off the evening in style and a 6-0 sweep of the singles, using two darts for a 90 out (T18,D18).

This week November 6th is K.O. Cup week, the league resumes the following week on the 13th.

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