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José Manuel Dolón from the Los Verdes

Almost mimicking the National opinion, data from the latest local political poll in Torrevieja reveals that the ruling Partido Popular, governed by mayor Eduardo Dólon, would no longer have the overall majority in the local government if the elections were held right now. However, it should be noted that the same opinion was expressed prior to the last two local elections.

The October opinion polls by SyM reveal that although the PP would still receive the most votes, it would no longer be enough to secure a majority, with them holding only 12 or 13 council seats. The result being that they would have to form a coalition in order to stay in government, or face a situation similar to Orihuela, where a coalition stands against them.

The second most voted for party would be the socialist PSOE group, who would gain 9 seats, then the alternative APTCe group with 3 or 4 and the UI with 2. The Los Verdes would not gain enough support to secure a single seat, according to the poll.

The registrants in the poll still prefer Eduardo Dolón to be mayor however, but in second place would be José Manuel Dolón from the Los Verdes to by the municipal head, ahead of the socialist Ángel Sáez.

In terms of the overall political opinion of Torrevieja and the performance of the ruling party, 31% of respondents said that their opinion is “very bad”, whereas 27% said “very good”. In terms of the performance of Eduardo Dolón during his term, 31% scored that as “very bad”, whereas 30% thought he had been “very good”.

Perhaps the most interesting consideration of those results is that the “very bad” opinion is considerably higher amongst those in the under 45 age group, whereas the “very good” opinion is more prevalent in those over 65 years of age.

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