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José Manuel Dolon said that it should not be dealt with in a plenary session.

The spokesman for the municipal group Los Verdes, José Manuel Dolon, criticised the Torrevieja Council last week for "copying" the motion originally filed by his party in 2008, requesting advancement of the retirement ages for members of the Policia Locale, but he nevertheless welcomed the proposal.

Dolon said that although the Partido Popular have been dragging their feet for many years his party ‘welcomes this change of their position" adding that Los Verdes will continue to support the advancement of the retirement age for local police due to the conditions in which they continually work and the risks that they run.

He said that the retirement age should be advanced because officers, like everyone else, gradually suffer a loss in their physical abilities as they get older, which can have a detrimental effect in how they carry out their duties.

The environmental spokesman said that six former councilors from the previous government had also supported the Green Party motion when it was first submitted, Domingo Soler, Eduardo Dolón, José Antonio Sánchez, Dolores Albaladejo, Gil Rebollo, Agustina Esteve, Javier Montoro, Joaquín Albaladejo, Francisco Moreno y and Daniel Plaza who had resigned.

He said that the Policia Locale carry out many of the same functions as other members of the State Security Forces so his proposal had been nothing more than bringing the retirement age into parity with them.

The motion filed a few days ago by the Peoples group, will be discussed and quite probably approved at a future plenary session, although José Manuel Dolon said that it should not be dealt with in a plenary session.

He urged the Secretariat of State for Security and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), to propose a legislative amendment to the Congress of Deputies to enable the matter to be adopted by all regional forces.

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