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As reported last week, Asuncion Mayoral, ostracised member of the CLr political group and unassigned councillor of Orihuela, tabled a motion in the plenary meeting that aimed to obtain an agreement that any politician accused in corruption cases would not stand for election.

In the plenary meeting of the municipal board this week, the moved was tabled as expected, but faced an amendment put forward by the PP and CLr, effectively dismissing the original proposal.

The amended nation was that rather than the politicians take responsibility for their own activities and agree not to stand in the event of being accused in a case relating to what could be perceived as corruption in public office, the change was to petition the government to change the law so as to prevent such an occurrence in the future.

The government of the PSOE and Los Verdes, along with the two unassigned councillors, agreed that this new move is a positive one and can be approved, although the reality being that if the notion were to be taken up by government, it would be some time way in the future, but it can exist along with the original notion whereas the councillors themselves make the commitment to the public of their disagreement with corruption, in so much as they would not stand in the next elections.

A discussion continued with neither side backing down and the proposed commitment by the individual councillors to not stand was soon distracted from on account of the revision, and thus the PSOE and Los Verdes objected to the revised notion, that was approved with the majority of the PP and CLr combined.

As such, Orihuela will not be joining other municipalities who have approved anti-corruption measures at their own level, deferring the decision to a higher body that can only take place, if ever, way beyond the elections in May.

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