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Residents of Lomas de Cabo Roig on the Orihuela Costa may soon find their worst nightmares realised, after plans were submitted and approved for their urbanisation to house the recycling ecopark and a garage for all the waste disposal trucks that serve the coastal zone.

The urbanisation has long been the source of complaints as a plot of land owned by the town hall and designated for equipment use has been the drop off and sorting location for the green waste collected on the Orihuela Costa.

In the monthly plenary meeting this week, a motion was tabled by the CLr political group, headed up by Pedro Mancebo, which received the support of the opposition Partido Popular, with the government of the PSOE and Los Verdes voting against the move, as did Bob Houliston from the CLARO political party.

With their majority in the town hall, the motion was approved by the CLr and PP votes, which could see the construction of a purpose built garage where repairs and maintenance can be carried out on the cleaning vehicles, and would house all of the garbage trucks when not in service. The site would also become the ecopark, where such items as fridges, washing machines, furniture and other large items are separated into their recyclable components and sorted. The ecopark will not only take the waste collected by the town hall, but will also be a drop off point for residents to take their rubbish to on a regular basis.

From the government´s point of view, the Councillor for the Costa, Martina Scheurer, explained that “nobody is against the construction of the ecopark, nor is anybody against the construction of a building for the waste disposal workers to use as a permanent base. In fact, the ecopark project is ready to be started once the money is released and a suitable location is found”.

Scheurer continued, “Both the Los Verdes, PSOE and Bob Houliston would have approved the motion, if Pedro Mancebo would have amended it to remove that specific location. We are currently investigating the best site to put the ecopark, which is a difficult decision to make as there are only a certain number of plots on which it can be built, but we don´t believe that the site at Lomas de Cabo Roig is the right one, but Pedro Mancebo would not amend his motion, so we had to object”.

As part of the original development plans for residential urbanisations, builders had to dedicate a plot of land for various purposes, including equipment us. These plots were then handed over to the town hall for their use, once the site had been opened. These plots are littered around the entire Orihuela Costa, as is the case for most other areas, but the town hall say that they are assessing which of these plots could have the least impact on residents, in view of the items to be sorted there and the heavy industrial traffic it will generate.

Currently, the domestic waste disposal trucks are on one of these plots, but there are no suitable facilities for the workers.

Mancebo claimed that the reason Scheurer was against that particular plot of land was as a “favour” to a builder, with Scheurer denying that is the case, claiming she is certainly not aware of any such agreement, but is aware of the countless complaints filed by residents over the current operation at the site. Similarly, although the council may not be aware of any deals, the potential buyers of the near 200,000 euro properties being built that currently overlook the location may well not be pleased either, although their complaints might well be unjustified as the land is designated for that purpose, a fact that can be checked with the town hall by any purchaser of a new home, rather than relying on the promises of some sellers that the land would never be built on, which is an allegation made by some residents.

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