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 The acting Mayor of Orihuela, Antonio Zapata

The acting Mayor of Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, who also holds the competencies within the town planning department, has announced that his department has already identified around 7,700 properties in the municipality that have undergone some form of reform and extension and are therefore liable to an increase in the IBI property tax.

Having been largely left unchecked for decades, the revision to the amount that the property owners are liable for is valued in the region of a million euro annually, a substantial contribution to the accounts. However, with many of the properties identified having been reformed for a period longer than the allowed time that back payment can be claimed, those owners will benefit from not having to pay the tax they should have been contributing for the past ten or twenty years, those properties identified will now be sent a bill to cover the difference in the amount outstanding for the last 4 years, which will also provide a boost to the economy.

Having employed the services of aerial photography company GeoNet, the council has now forwarded the information to their contracted property tax collection company, SUMA, to make the necessary claims.

In a statement, Zapata explained how the company identified numerous elements of construction and extension, not all of which were on residential buildings. The data does reveal some 1,600 buildings which do not match the declared use for which they were built, there are 1,700 buildings over 100 years old which have been converted into residential properties but not registered. There are around 2,000 buildings with additional elements constructed, such as extension, and between 1,100 and 1,200 swimming pools which are not declared.

In addition to the latest findings, Zapata also pointed out how a team of six inspectors have been visiting locations in the area to clarify the data and ask for voluntary payment of the outstanding taxes, already generating over 800,000 euro in additional revenue so far.

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