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The Councillor for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, has been defending the alleged unfairly shared funds obtained from the sale of coastal plots of land, after former councillor for the coast, Bob Houliston, criticised the fact that money was taken from the full amount to complete a Civic Centre building in a small village of the municipality, before the remaining funds were spilt. Houliston says that he believes that the money should come from the share of the funds destined for the villages and not the full amount, but Scheurer pointed out that Houliston supported the use of the money to complete the centre at La Aparecida when the proposal was rejected in September 2013.

Scheurer says that when Houliston was working in conjunction with the PP, he approved their proposal in November to use some of the money from the sale of land, before the split was discussed. Mr Houliston voted in favour of that motion thus agreeing the proposal to use money from the sale for the Civic Centre, according to the minutes of the meetings, Scheurer says.

In December of that year, the question over spending 1,350,000 euro to build a Civic Centre in the small inland village of La Aparecida, home to around 2,500 residents, around 2% of the municipality, was raised once more. In an interview on Exite Radio, Houliston then said, “That one tiny village is where the councillor Mr Aniote lives”, José Aniote being the former councillor for the coast under the PP government.

Meanwhile, the town hall has received lots of complaints about the planned location of the Ecopark at Lomas de Cabo Roig. Pedro Mancebo says that a project is already in place for the completion of the site at Lomas de Cabo Roing, but according to the Councillor for the Coast, the creation of the architectural study for the project is questionable, as the correct procedure for submission was not followed. Studies of the geological site and the general plan would have to be conducted, which may result in the project getting blocked. All suitable plots allocated as for use of this type are in residential areas, so the Ecopark will have to go somewhere and wherever it goes it will be unpopular, but the government are still investigating the alternatives.

The coastal councillor has also been clarifying requests made by a new federation of associations on the Orihuela Costa, who are keen for an assessment of income from tax to be carried out, so that the money that comes from the residents can go directly to the areas where they live. According to Scheurer, this type of move is not possible by law, due to the inter-territorial compensation legislation, as it would mean that the smaller areas of the municipality would never be able to afford any kind of maintenance work or investment, and the income is balanced across the entire municipality, which operates as a whole, reminding that the Orihuela Costa is a part of the municipality of Orihuela, and not an independent state.

The promised collection of building rubbish has begun on the Orihuela Costa, starting on calle Ontario, before moving through the remaining areas of the coast, focusing on the water channels and other areas which have become dumping grounds for many years. The sites will then be fenced to prevent further dumping.

A box has been placed in the Orihuela Costa town, where donations of toys for the needy can be deposited as part of the Christmas campaign collecting for the needy. Toys should be unwrapped so as to ensure the toys go to the correct age of the child, but any items for any age group are welcomed.

The town hall are also looking for social and entertainment groups wishing to participate in the Three Kings parade on the 5th of January. The parade will follow the same route as last year, ending at the Zenia Boulevard. Interested groups should contact the International Residents office for information, or email residentes@orihuela.es.

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