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A court in Elche has acquitted a pilot who was accused of stealing a loaded suitcase near to Alicante-Elche airport in 2013.

In October of 2013, a Dutch couple who had rented a car at the airport were stopped by another vehicle blocking their path. A man from that vehicle opened the boot of their car and pulled out a suitcase, then fleeing in the vehicle used as a block. The couple said that the suitcase contained an Apple computer, several expensive camera lenses and a wallet containing 4,000 euro.

Minutes after the report of the theft, the police received a report of two men in a car in the nearby town of Torrellano, who were “manipulating a computer” and “acting suspiciously”.

The police attended the scene and found the vehicle to be empty, but discovered the registered owner and proceeded to arrest him on suspicion of the theft. The Dutch woman who had suffered the theft of the suitcase identified the arrested man as the perpetrator.

Giving a statement to the arresting officers, the suspect, now identified as a pilot from Murcia who has the initials I.S.I., told the police that he had rented a house in Torrellano, given the numerous trips he makes to the airport with his job. He also said that he did not remember if he was in the town at the time of the incident.

He also explained to officers that due to a poor internet connection inside his home, he frequently went to his car with his computer in order to get a better Wi-Fi signal, but when he did this, he was always alone.

In various letters to the court, the defence counsel showed how the pilot had exhausted his data connection during the days in question, and has asked the phone company for geolocation data. They also provided evidence that he spent most of the time at home preparing for an exam.

The court therefore ruled on the “sound and plausible events alleged by the defence of the accused”, and thus decreed free dismissal thereof, on the understanding that the facts have not been accredited.

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