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Asunción Mayoral

Unassigned councillor of Orihuela, Asunción Mayoral, has announced her resignation from the council will be formally presented at the monthly plenary session held on Monday.

Having joined the government as part of the CLr-CLARO coalition in the elections of 2011, Mayoral was ejected from her group in January of 2013.

Although the political situation of Orihuela has seen countless changes during this administration, with just months to go before the next elections, the future of Orihuela will once again be in the hands of the voters.

Having also supported the expulsion of Bob Houliston in the past when working with the group led by Pedro Mancebo and Juan Ignacio López-Bas, Mayoral publically apologised for her part in his downfall, saying, “I have apologized to Houliston privately and now I do it in public”, adding that having first trusted the opinions of her two political partners, time has demonstrated he (Houliston) only wanted to carry out legitimate interests”.

Mayoral had recently tabled an anti-corruption motion in the Orihuela plenary, which was bypassed through the overall majority of the PP with the support of CLr who proposed an alternative motion, far detached from the intention to denounce corruption in politics, as Mayoral wanted to ensure that anybody who is charged in a corruption based case, irrespective of their political affiliation, should not present themselves for election, in an attempt to try to clean up the image of politics.

As her resignation becomes official, the next in line on the electoral list will replace her in the government role, that person being the CLr-CLARO number 4, Trinidad Vidal.

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