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The prison ministry in the Orihuela diocese has launched this year´s seasonal campaign, urging us to think about those who no longer have their freedom due to incarceration, and their familes.

The church hopes to raise attention of the 2,500 people who are in prison across the Alicante province, and for us all to think of the needs of their families.

The church also believes that by offering support to prisoners and their families, we are all investing in crime prevention in the future. With many of the children of those inside suffering poverty as a result, those children could well become the criminals and thus prisoners of tomorrow, without our help.

The campaign also says that poverty is not usually chosen but imposed, the result of a society that continues to exclude some groups and now many families who have lost a job with which they wished to earn a decent living.

“The crisis continues to plague many families, it’s true. Almost everyone knows a family in this situation. So this year we want to focus on them mainly to accompany, listen and help these families as much as possible, and continue to cover other everyday needs”, said Ignacio Blasco, director of the Pastoral Penitenciaria de la Diócesis de Orihuela-Alicante, and chaplain at the centro penitenciario de Fontcalent prison.

And with this campaign, the involvement of the entire Alicante society is sought to achieve concrete measures and continue providing financial resources to run shelters and half-way houses for ex-prisoners and their families who come to visit but have no income. The campaign also hopes to provide scholarships to families of prisoners for food aid, school meals for children, textbooks, payment of medicines and other urgent needs, most obvious and abundant, if possible, in these times of crisis.

The group wish to obtain financial aid to allow foreign prisoners across Alicante to communicate by telephone with their families in their home countries, whilst not neglecting the socio-labour mediation, through job placement programs, for those who have fewer options to access a future job on account of their prison record.

Finally, it is hoped that through collaboration with those inside and out, channels of mediation and care for both prisoners and victims can be neutered to enable social reconciliation from a culture of non-violence and restorative justice.

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