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On Wednesday night, on Christmas Eve,

I saw a thing you won’t believe.

It is the truth. It’s not a lie,

what I saw then, low in the sky.

While walking with my wife that night,

we saw moving so fast a light.

It was 3 hours til Christmas day.

Was it Santa Claus on his sleigh?

Or could it be a U.F.O.?

We looked in awe, but didn’t know.

It was so bright, moved fast and far,

Could it have been a shooting star?

The answers no, it flew too low,

with trail behind the white crafts glow.

We saw for 8 seconds that night,

until it vanished from our sight.

The impression on us will last.

We’ve never seen a thing so fast.

Next day we heard about a flight.

Europe’s space station flew that night,

over London, England it flew,

Perhaps Spain’s Montesinos to?

We’re still not sure what it had been.

The thing on Christmas Eve we had seen.

John Stevens. Los Montesinos, Spain.

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