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It´s not uncommon for many of us to take for granted the little things that make the world a better place, but here at The Leader, we would like to pay more attention to those people who go the extra mile to make this world a better place, and we need your help.

If you know somebody who you feel deserves to have a little attention for their efforts then let us know. Perhaps it´s a neighbour who constantly tends to your communal gardens, somebody who has cared for you in times of stress or worry. Maybe it´s somebody who cares without question for another neighbour of friend, doing the shopping, driving them to market, or looking after a beloved pet. Maybe a charity worker who works quietly in the background or somebody who dedicates their time at a local community initiative. It might even be a business who do that little bit more to help, in fact, we really don´t mind who, why or what you feel they contribute to the community, we would like to honour them in a small way.

In fact, the word “community” is one that is often talked about both here in Spain and the UK. Sadly, the conversation often revolves around the lack of community spirit where we live, but there are always those who still do their very best to try to bridge that gap.

If you do know somebody who you think deserves to be recognised you can email the details, remembering to tell us as much about them and yourself that you think is important, to office@theleader.info, or you can just write down the details and drop them into our offices at Los Dolces.

In the coming months we will look at showcasing as many worthy residents as we can, as we all acknowledge that not only does everybody need good neighbours, they are here amongst us.

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