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Next time you´re shopping in your local Mercadona supermarket keep an eye out for the murals that adorn the walls, mainly in the meat and fish sections.

Since 2011, the retail chain has collaborated with around a dozen foundations, none profit organisations and occupational canters dedicated to help those with intellectual difficulties, which has resulted in 3,500 decorative panels being produced by some 200 artists as part of their rehabilitation process.

The creative process starts with the help of a company called Pamesa Cerámica, who provide the entities with broken pieces of pottery and ceramics, which the artists then use to create their masterpieces which are then proudly displayed in the supermarkets.

Although little flag-waving has ever been given to the campaign, Arantxa Roig the director of the Fundación Roig Alfonso, explained that “since we started working with Mercadona we have created hundreds of panels to decorate the supermarkets. Thanks to the orders of the murals, users get a paid job through which skills such as coordination and concentration to fit the pieces of pottery and drawings together are enhanced. They strive to give the best of themselves, surpassing every day and are very proud of their work”.

The origin of the idea was born in 2010 with the development of a decorative mural for the fish department for a new Mercadona store in Valencia. That mural was so successful that Mercadona began collaborating with more social entities requesting the production of the same type of mosaic which is similar in style to that of famed artist Antoni Gaudí.

The style known as “Trencadís” can be seen in much of Gaudís work, such as at the Parc Güell in Barcelona, as well as similar creations in places like Torrevieja and Los Arenales, to name but a few, and now, we can see the artwork created by those who are giving a little bit back to society in Mercadona stores around the country, and if you spot one, be sure to seek out the logo of the social entity and maybe even the artist who has created their own little work of art.

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